Summer News from the Golden Hill Community Garden

Here’s the latest news from the Golden Hill Community Garden from Lucy Mitchell, Community Project Worker…

Hi everyone!

Ahhhhh June!  The garden looks more lush every day and the volunteers have been working their socks off to get everything in the ground and get the tunnels planted up.

And now we’re got sweetcorn, aubergines, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, swedes, cabbage, courgettes, squash, tomatillos, melons, achocha, celeriac, peas, mange tout, strawberries and more merrily growing away.

It’s our eighth growing season and with our new sign, cleared new areas and the riot of colour from our flower beds I honestly think the garden is looking the best it ever has.

The willow wood is going great guns and trees in the edible forest are maturing,  this year it looks like we might have out first mulberries- yum!

Would you like to come and see it in person??? You can!  We’ll be open again as part of the city wide Get Growing Trail and the Bristol Food Connections Festival on Saturday 22nd June, from 12-3pm when you can munch a pizza, do some pond dipping, play in the digging bed and enjoy the garden.

More info about the whole month is here and here and we’d love to see you!

And we had a BRILLIANT time with our half term activities holiday club and adventure day for children with SEN and their siblings.

There were rafts and perfumes and hammering and pizzas and swords and rhubarb crumble and more!  Booking is now open for the middle earth themed summer Tuesday holiday club HERE.

Thank you everyone who came to the fair, it was our biggest yet! We counted nearly 900 people through the gate though the folks with the clicker send they could click fast enough so it was probably more!

The pizza king sold all his pizzas, the plants flew off the the tables, the cake stand was left with only crumbs and we were very chuffed to take nearly £3000.

Stick friends were made, newts were found, crowns were worn and the garden was full of smiling people and gorgeous music. Bliss…

And I’ll leave you with a picture of….. a leech! Like a hungry baggy shape-shifting constant wriggling angry sock the length of my finger.

Found by 8 year old Remy and like nothing else we’ve ever seen in the pond before.

I’m almost completely sure it couldn’t get through human skin but it definitely looked like it would try!

See you in the garden!