Gloucester Road’s First Defibrillator: making our high street a safer place to work, shop & visit

There’s great news for Gloucester Road – and for everyone who uses it.

Thanks to a collaboration between the former Gloucester Road Business Improvement District, local business owner Juliana Hounslow of the Parker Clinic and the Applegreen Petrol station has meant Gloucester Road has its first defibrillator – making this much loved high street an even safer place to visit.

The defibrillator is located at Applegreen petrol station on Gloucester Road on the side of their building.  The portable device known as a Public Access Defibrillator has a great advantage in that it can be used by members of the public who have no prior medical training.

Full instructions are voice delivered – or you might receive instructions from the emergency call handler.

Anne-Louise Perez, Business Improvement District Manager for Gloucester Road Business Improvement District,  explains:

“If this life saving equipment makes a difference to just one family, then it is worth it.  As one of last projects to be funded by the local BID traders, we feel we are leaving the community with another positive legacy, evidenced by the huge supportive public reaction”.

In the event of a suspected cardiac arrest, call 999 and a code will be given to unlock the portable device.

This project was funded by the Gloucester Road Business Improvement District earlier this spring before the end of its 5-year term.