Fairfield High School Celebrates Best Ever Exam Results

Fairfield High School (FHS) is celebrating after receiving its best ever GCSE results, with grade 9s across all subjects putting those students in top 5% of country.

65.3% of students achieved a grade 4 (standard pass) or above in Maths and English.

Fairfield saw 46 grade 9s across all subjects putting those students in the top 5% of the country. And 111 grade 9 or 8 were achieved across all subjects.

The school was also delighted to report that 100% of students who sat Physics, Biology, Economics and Polish achieved a grade 4 or above.

While Chemistry and Dance saw 90% or more of students achieve a grade 4 or above. All the students who sat the Additional Maths Level 3 (FSMQ) qualification achieved an A.

also saw exceptional individual student achievement including Freya Parsons who achieved six grade 9; Lola Hambrook, two grade 9 and seven grade 8; Fabien Brown, four grade 9 and three grade 8. Further examples of success include Maya Andrews, who achieved one grade 9 and six grade 8; Gabriel Brown achieved five grade 9; Samir Moorhouse achieved four grade 9 and one grade 8. Both Gabriel and Samir also sat the Additional Maths Level 3 qualification.

Alsayed, who moved to England four years ago, achieved one grade 9, three grade 7 and achieved a grade 5 or above in all subjects.

“I am just so happy right now” says Nick Lewis, Principal of Fairfield High School. “Staff and students have worked so hard to achieve what we believe is our best ever set of results.

“Our curriculum is what makes the difference. Our ethos of high aspirations and valuing everyone means students really want to achieve their best no matter what their backgrounds or belief and staff make those dreams come true.”

For more information about Fairfield High School visit http://www.fairfield.bristol.sch.uk/.