FHS Student Raises Over £1000 For NHS By Shaving Off Her Hair

During lockdown, Mya Thomas of Year 7 in Fairfield High School (FHS) decided she wished to do something to help out the NHS and all the brave people working on our behalf in a difficult time, and in difficult circumstances. Some of her friends’ mothers and fathers are just such people.

Inspired by the trend of “lockdown haircuts”, Mya decided to shorten her 22 inch hair by over 21 inches, taking a pair of clippers to her hair.

As well as raising over £1000 in the process on her fundraising JustGiving page (with many Fairfield students, parents, staff, and the Principal himself kindly donating), she was also able to send the main body of hair to a charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer.

Mya initially set a target of £500, thinking it would take a long time to reach such an ambitious figure, so was blown away by how quickly she reached, surpassed, and then more than doubled this figure due to everyone’s kindness.

Although nervous on the day of the shave, Mya was also excited, smiling ear to ear, and shared the experience live via Zoom with close friends and family.

The end result was a total transformation – it is easy to forget what a part hair plays in shaping our identity. However, it was and still is a really positive transformation, as the new look really suits her.

Were there any regrets? No, although the cold weather front which came over shortly after did reveal how insulating her hair had been for her neck and ears!

It was also a few days before Mya stopped the automatic reflex of flicking her “hair” out of her face.

Mya’s old Primary school used her in their home learning bulletin: as an example of multiplication, they included the fact that hair grows just over 1cm per month, which they calculated meant that it would take Mya more than 3 years to grow it back to its old length.

That is certainly enough time to lose the flick and adjust to cold ears!

Once again, Mya and her family would like to thank everyone who helped out in raising such a great amount, and FHS would like to thank Mya for her incredible efforts.

Well done, Mya, amazing work, you should be very proud of yourself!

If you would like to donate some money towards Mya’s fundraising page please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mya-thomas