The Bishopston Community Gathers to ‘Take the Knee’ for Black Lives Matter

On the evening of Wednesday 10th June on Horfield Common, the Bishopston community gathered together in support of the Black Lives Matter human rights movement.

About fifty children and adults attended the ‘Taking the Knee event’, and spent a couple of minutes in quiet reflection.  Some bowed their heads and some held up signs; all appreciated being able to show their support and solidarity.

One local parent described her feelings on taking part:

“I felt quite emotional, knowing we are lucky to live in an area that values the reasons for doing it.  It makes me feel like my family is safe, having friends who have had racist abuse living not far away in Filton.  You have to choose where you live wisely, not just for “a good school” or “easy to get to work” but more importantly “will we be welcome?” and “is it a safe place for us?”.  I bloody love BS7.”

The event was a peaceful, friendly one and social distancing was maintained throughout.