Upbeat Carnival Dance Courtesy Of Fairfield High School Staff!

The staff of Fairfield High School (FHS) have been celebrating its wonderfully diverse culture by learning a carnival dance routine in their spare time and filming themselves whilst in lockdown!

The result? A fun, prominent and true reflection of FHS unity that has brought a smile to not only its local community, but far beyond.

The Performing Arts Department at FHS received an overwhelming response to its carnival request; they then set themselves the onerous challenge of choreographing and then communicating with individuals their precise section before spending hours of time editing the pieces together.

The dance was inspired by St Paul’s Carnival which is usually well-attended by staff, students and parents. This song and dance is therefore a perfect reflection of those upbeat, summer vibes!

Principal Nick Lewis explains: “I am so impressed that staff at Fairfield have given up their free time to focus on the themes of celebration and carnival to lift peoples spirits, encourage active participation in dance and all that is great about our diverse communities in Bristol.”

The fun doesn’t stop there, for FHS is looking forward to continuing the carnival fun with a novel opportunity for students to engage in the ‘Kitchen Samba Challenge’, involving different samba rhythms using kitchen utensils.

FHS would like to thank not only all those staff members who took part, but the community for enjoying and sharing this unique video.

You can watch the video here.