Magic Dragon Pre-school Review: “A Bishopston Gem”

If you are a parent of young children currently looking into local pre-schools then honest reviews from other parents and carers can be really helpful.

Please find a review from a local grandmother whose grandchild attends Magic Dragon Pre-school in Bishopston.  Her own children also attended Magic Dragon many years ago so rest-assured she knows the pre-school very well!

Magic Dragon Pre-school is the very essence of Bishopston and has been part of its fabric for all of my time here since 1979.  My own children went there when most children went to traditional playgroup from 9.30-11.30am.  Obviously these hours of excellent childcare and great friendships made suited that era when relatively few families had both parents working.

When my grand-daughter was needing good quality childcare we looked at various options.  We found Magic Dragon was of a higher quality, child focused, flexible and well-organised, kind and provided a thriving spacious environment than any other childcare provision we reviewed.

The use and encouragement of outdoor space whatever the weather was an added bonus. They provide care until after supervised lunch time when they are collected.

Magic Dragon take toilet-trained children from 2 and a half and they get special care from the staff, but they don’t stay to lunch until they are 3-years old.

One advantage is that all children start and finish at the same time. This is a stabilising framework for children.  I have seen children unsettled at nursery because children come and go at different times.

The 1pm finishing time will not suit everyone.  As a grandparent it is though a joy to collect her at 1pm after a stimulating child-focused session taught by excellent pre-school teachers.  It meant the afternoons could be quiet and close without needing to be too concerned with planning and organisation; just unconditional love and care as grandparents enjoy.

I can recommend this Playgroup and know that staff, children and parents/grandparents will find it a memorable and meaningful part of their education and personal formation.

It is a Bishopston gem!

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