Virtual Christmas Carol Concert to raise money for Lord Mayor’s Children Appeal

On Friday 18th December at 6.30pm there will be a Virtual Christmas Carol Concert to raise money to support the Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children’s Appeal.

While the concert is free, viewers will be asked to donate money, if they are able, to support the city’s children and young people while watching the concert, which will feature Bold Brass, Blackbird Children’s Choir and the Bristol Show Choir.

Each year money raised by the appeal provides more than 1,600 children and young people in the city with £40 of vouchers for food, clothes and gifts at Christmas. The charity raises £66,000 each year in order to fulfil this commitment, with the vouchers being distributed by the city’s council’s Children and Young People’s Services department.

Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Jos Clark explains: “It’s been a challenging year for all charities, but we’re adapting the way we do things. People can enjoy the short carol concert online this year. It is free to watch but we are asking people to give a donation via the virtual bucket collection if they can.

“We have been fortunate to receive some very generous donations from individuals, companies and organisations but we are still short on our totals for next year.  That’s why I am appealing to the people of Bristol to consider the Children’s Appeal if they are able to give something, however small, or to support our carol concert.

“The money we raise makes a huge difference to some families at Christmas time and we are usually over-subscribed with requests for vouchers. It is more important this year than ever before because many families have been hit hard financially because of the impact of COVID-19.”

The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal carol concert can be watched on the Lord Mayor’s YouTube channel at 6.30-6.45pm on Friday.

To make a donation to the appeal, visit