A Winter Family Walk in Badock’s Wood

Not far from Bishopston lies Badock’s Wood, a nature reserve with woodland, streams and meadowland, too.

Located in Southmead, the woods can be entered via Lakewood Road, and are a haven for wildlife including foxes, owls and bats.

There are also beautiful woodtree carvings of animals which young children will enjoy finding (more about these here).

We went for a walk there this morning; it was so good being out in the fresh air and winter sunshine, listening to the sound of the River Trym bubbling through the woods.

My kids enjoyed exploring, clambering over logs taking them to the other side of the streams and trying out rope swings which they discovered hanging from tall trees.

A family walk in Badock’s Wood is perfect in any season; if you would like to visit there, you can find it via BS10 5HW.