New Sing and Sign Classes for Babies and Toddlers this January!

Looking for a fun and educational way to pass lockdown with your infant, baby or toddler?

Sing and Sign Bristol is currently running all three levels of classes fully online:

Sing and Sign classes enable you to:

  • bond with your baby and stimulate brain development in Sing and Sign Babes 0-5months
  • help baby’s communication skills using signs to talk about routines like eating, bath time and changing nappies and label fun things on your walks like lorries, birds and swings in Stage One 6-13months
  • learn what your toddler is thinking about: what colour is the bus?  what shall we eat for lunch?  let’s tidy up! in Stage Two 14months+

Baby signing encourages good communication by teaching you simple and easy signs such as ‘more’, milk’, ‘tired’, ‘mummy’ or ‘change nappy’, to name but a few.

Learning such signs helps babies to recognise such important words quicker and enable them to communicate with you before they are able to talk. Baby signing is easy to learn and fun!

You learn over 100 signs to help you connect and communicate with your baby.  You will be overjoyed when your baby tells you something through signing – whether it is naming a favourite animal or asking for ‘milk’ and a bite to ‘eat’!

Sing and Sign Babes lasts 5 weeks, costs £20 and includes access to all 4-5 live Babes lessons each week over Zoom.

Stage One and Two each last 10 weeks, cost £50 and include wonderful Sing and Sign @Home pre-recorded online lessons AND access to all 3-5 live lessons over Zoom each week.

You can make Sing and Sign @Home part of daily lockdown routine and encourage older siblings and working parents to join in too!  Each Sing and Sign @Home lesson is available to watch unlimited times within its week (so lesson one is available in week one; then lesson two in week two etc)

There is no way to see missed/previous Sing and Sign @Home lessons but with unlimited viewing for seven days, there is great opportunity to watch each lesson repeatedly!

Sing and Sign classes can be booked here: