Bishopston Beanstalks Preschool: “plant seeds that grow forever”

Nestled within the heart of Bishopston lies Bishopston Beanstalks, a friendly, nurturing pre-school which provides rich learning activities, fun experiences, caring and highly-qualified staff, and strong community links.

Open to children aged 2-4 years of age, and boasting a ‘good’ Ofsted rating, Bishopston Beanstalks is situated on Gloucester Road, next to Bristol School of Gymnastics (where the little beanstalks make frequent trips).

Bishopston Beanstalks is set in a large, airy hall, offering lots of opportunities for physical development and engaging play.

The hall has two mezzanines: one a ‘home corner’ where children can enjoy role play or imaginary play, using the play kitchen and other objects from the home; the other space has a small sofa, blankets, books and teddies which children often use as a quiet space to read or bring things up from the main hall to play with.  Children love making dens here too!

The Front room is where smaller groups of children can enjoy quiet play, music and instruments, play a game or do a puzzle together.

Every day at Bishopston Beanstalks children take part in small group time with their key person and visit the pre-school’s ‘Snack Café’ to fill up on healthy snacks and fruit, and chat with their friends, a favourite activity!

There are many interesting visitors to Bishopston Beanstalks providing the little beanstalks with many engaging learning opportunities.  Such activities include cookery, Yoga, seeing giant insects, music, meeting a police officer and much more!

Beanstalks make full use of the interesting, busy community and environment which surrounds the setting.  There are frequent visits to the Golden Hill Community Garden, where children grow veggies on their very own Beanstalks plot, and to the play park at Horfield Common, where children can enjoy fresh air and physical fun.

There are also lots of interesting walks in the local area and trips to local shops and businesses, further involving the children in their local community and creating rich learning experiences at the same time.

All of the Bishopston Beanstalks staff are highly qualified, and have lots of experience in children’s play, learning and development.  They are also all trained in child protection, safeguarding, food hygiene and first aid, ensuring little beanstalks receive the best possible care and support.

Each child is given a ‘key person’; this is a member of staff who will get to know and support him or her one-to-one during their time at Bishopston Beanstalks.  The child’s key person communicates regularly with the child’s parents/carers about the child’s progress and wellbeing, thus ensuring close links between the child’s family and Beanstalks are maintained.

Bishopston Beanstalks is a happy pre-school where children flourish.  One local parent describes the positive impact it has had on her children:

“Both of my children attended Bishopston Beanstalks and absolutely thrived there. The staff are kind and caring and show a genuine interest in the children and their development. Beanstalks offers a huge range of activities for the children and tailor them to their interests, my daughter will never forget the time they made Paw Patrol puppets on lolly sticks for them to play with!

“The team take time to ensure the children have lots of experiences off site too such as trips to the allotment, park, local shops and walks around the area. My family have loved our time being part of the Beanstalks community.”

Bishopston Beanstalks is open four days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children can be collected at 12 noon or can stay for ‘Lunch Club’ where they can be collected at either 1pm or 2pm, depending on which day of the week it is.

Bishopston Beanstalks is a special place of learning, caring and community, with each little beanstalk nurtured by staff with care, attention and expertise.

A parent and child recently sent the Bishopston Beanstalks staff a special thank you card for their kindness and support.  Inside the card was written “Beanstalks plants seeds that grow forever”, a phrase which describes this happy pre-school perfectly.

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Alternatively, you can contact Beantalks by phoning 0117 942 5104 or emailing