New spring term of Sing and Sign starting next week – venues across Bristol!

Next week a new Spring term of Sing and Sign classes will be starting at venues across Bristol.

Sing and Sign classes are for babies and toddlers and offer lots of music, singing, signing and movement, plus the chance for parents to make new friends in their local area.

There are age-appropriate classes from birth to 2 years of age: Stage 1 is for babies from aged 6 to 13/14 months and Stage 2 is for toddlers aged 14 – 22 months.

There are also Sing and Sing ‘Babes’ classes, which are gentle, specifically about parent/baby interaction and designed for infants 0-5 months.

In Stage 1 classes (6-13 months) you will learn signs relevant to baby’s routine (milk, eat, change nappy) and signs for things that babies are interested in (animals, places to go, vehicles).  

In Stage 2 classes (14-22 months) you will learn signs for age-appropriate concepts like the weather, colours and manners and simple counting, phonics and action songs will be incorporated into classes, too.

Classes are small, relaxed and friendly with a focus on learning, with weekly themes plus online supporting material.

Sign and Sign classes help to accelerate speech development, boost cognitive growth, and deepen your bond with your baby.

A new 10-week Spring term of Stage 1 and Stage 2 classes starts the week commencing Monday 10th January. Sing and Sign Babes starts w/c 24th January for 8 weeks.

There are spaces available at classes all over Bristol so click this link for more information:,
or, email