Donation of Norfolk pines to benefit generations of FHS students

Fairfield High School (FHS) is very grateful to independent shop and botanical expert Wild Leaf in Gloucester Road, Bristol for its donation of three Norfolk Pine trees, with their estimated 150 year life span estimated to be enjoyed by many generations of students to come.

Wild Leaf responded to a plea made by the school for donations of plants and trees; the positive impact due to reduced pollution by purifying the air and therefore creating a healthier environment for its staff, students and local community cannot be estimated. They also have a historical significance, with evidence that these pines were a major source of sustenance for dinosaurs.

Whilst these Norfolk pines will initially be kept inside the school to give them a good start to life, they are expected to grow a foot a year, so will be a very impressive size at full growth.

Ed Hunt, Learning Support Assistant at FHS comments: “I put out a plea to local businesses not knowing what kind of response I would receive, however Wild Leaf jumped on board by donating these beautiful trees which will be enjoyed and appreciated by countless people, both within the school community and beyond. We look forward to nurturing and watching their growth.”