First batch of ‘Fairfield Hot Sauce’ proves huge success

Young entrepreneurs from Fairfield High School (FHS) have created their first batch of Fairfield Hot Sauce (a clever pun on FHS!) with huge success. As a result, Kayne, Yusuf, Dineiro and Keiran now have their sights set on scaling up the operation, with further batches to share within the school community, plus potential sales on a wider scale.

The idea was born when Tom Sinclair, English teacher at FHS, brought hot sauce into school to give his sandwich a zing. Once the students got wind of this, they asked to try it on their food, and before long conversations were struck about cooking, flavours and food culture. With enthusiasm to recreate a similar recipe, the boys spent hours experimenting, with mouth-watering results.

Each student took a jar of sauce home to sample, with family and friend feedback crucial for recipe tweaking. Whilst mostly positive surrounding flavours and consistency, constructive comments were gratefully received relating to the addition or subtraction of certain ingredients.

Tom Sinclair, English teacher at FHS comments: “Never before have I seen so much demand for hot sauce, that one week when I was doing a duty in a different area, the Year 7s were so gutted they even came searching for me… So I thought, why not make our own in school with the branding ‘Fairfield Hot Sauce’?!

“This whole process has been humbling; I’ve enjoyed the relationship and bond this has created with these super students. The business skills gained at this young age will stand them in good stead and they have already become excellent role models for their year group.” 

Kayne, Yusuf, Dineiro and Keiran’s next plan is to perfect the recipe before selling to the local community via events such as the school’s Summer and Winter Galas. There are also conversations in place about setting up an informal cookery club to involve a wider number of the Fairfield Family. The possibilities and opportunities are plentiful.