Beauty Treatment at PJ’s Beauty: A Bishopston Mum Review

I recently received the kind offer of having a beauty treatment of my choice at PJ’s Beauty Bristol, in return for an honest review (an offer that I was not going to refuse!).

PJ’s Beauty is based inside Vital Pilates and is on 6 Kellaway Avenue, Westbury Park. Created by PJ Kaur, aka Sweety to friends, the ethos of PJ’s Beauty is ‘relax and energise’ and offers a safe space for you to enjoy your beauty treatment. PJ also only uses ethically-sourced products.

PJ’s Beauty offers a wide range of holistic treatments (you can see these here) from deep cleansing facials to Indian head massage, manicures and pedicures to full body massage. Which to choose!

When looking at all the options, I considered going for a relaxing and luxurious massage, but as much as the thought of this appealed, in the end I decided to go for something a bit less luxurious but oh, so necessary: an eyelash and eyebrow tint. I normally tint my own eyebrows but fancied having this done professionally.

There is parking off the road directly outside PJ’s Beauty which saves unwanted hassle; nice also when you leave the salon slightly sleepy and dishevelled following your beauty treatment. When I arrived at PJ’s, the atmosphere was serene and relaxed and the treatment room was light, airy and inviting.

I have known Sweety for many years now and she is, and always has been, pleasant, gentle and kind. She welcomed me in and invited me to sit on the couch. She asked me what colours I wanted on my eyelashes and eyebrows and we discussed the options. She recommended dark brown for my eyelashes and light brown on my eyebrows and I went with what she thought; Sweety has worked as a beauty therapist for 11 years and is an accredited member of Babtac, so she knows her stuff.

We were then ready for my treatment to begin; I lay down on the coach comfortably and closed my eyes; Sweety put on some chill-out music in the background and I relaxed.

There is something very lovely and luxurious, relaxing to the sound of lovely music playing quietly in the background and having your eyebrows and eyelashes delicately dabbed with the cold tints. I enjoyed the safe space and chance to zone out (a rare opportunity indeed!).

When Sweety had finished the tinting, she did some eyebrow threading which I had never had before and which was not unpleasant; this made my eyebrows neater and more precise.

At the end of the beauty treatment, Sweety showed me the finished result in the mirror; it looked good, far better than I do it, and also helped made me look more fresh and awake!

I really love having beauty treatments and love being pampered; my problem is that I am actually very bad at ever organising such treats for myself. This is a habit I am determined to change and will be returning to PJ’s Beauty soon, definitely for another eyelash and eyebrow tint, and maybe even that relaxing and luxurious massage too!

You can review the range of treatments on offer at PJ’s Beauty here. PJ warmly offers you a 15% discount off your first treatment, OR, if you follow PJ’s Beauty on Facebook and Twitter and mention ‘Bristol Mum’, you’ll receive a 20% discount.