A Special Boy’s Third Birthday

On 31st January 2012, my little boy will be three years old.  I can hardly believe how fast his first threee years have gone!  I remember his birth as if it were yesterday.
He was a much wanted and waited for baby, conceived after a long, dark time of waiting and trying.  When I finally became pregnant, I spent much of the pregnancy swinging from utter joy and excitement to a sick fear that I would lose him. 
Not that there were any medical worries to cause this fear.  It was simply that he had been wanted for so long that I was terrified that I would lose him after getting so close to having him.
But now he is nearly three!  A strong, strapping little lad with bundles of energy and an endless fascination for modes of transport.  A good boy who, despite passions for transforming my lounge into a soft play area and endlessly trying to escape from playgroups, is fiercely protective of his sister whom he adores. 
A boy who likes nothing better than to snuggle up on the sofa with me for a cuddle while watching TV.  Along with his little sister, he has been an utter delight to myself and my husband.
So now the task falls to me to organise his third birthday party.  We have decided that this year we will hire a venue for his party rather than holding it at home. 
Over the next few weeks I will research a range of possible birthday party soft play venues in north-west Bristol and post details of these in this blog.  This will hopefully be useful for other parents in north-west Bristol organising birthday parties for their young children.
I look forward to planning a special birthday party for a truly special boy 🙂

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