Highs and Lows of 2011

Hello!  Happy new year!
I have been tagged by a fellow blogger in Bishopston to take part in a meme regarding my highs and lows of 2011.  Thank you Purple Mum for tagging me!  www.purplemum.com
What was your happiest event?
There is no one big happy event that sticks out for me but I know how lucky I am to be blessed with two wonderful children who are happy and healthy, a lovely husband, kind and supportive parents and sister and good, kind friends.  
The day I published my first blog post made me really happy also!  I was very excited to do so.  The positive comments I received from others following my first post made me happy, too.  It was a big thing for me to set up this blog and put myself ‘out there’ and quite scary too, making myself and my blog potentially vulnerable to criticism.  So the lovely comments and people who have since signed up to follow the blog means a lot.
What was the saddest thing to happen?
I honestly cannot think of any sad event.  I am incredibly lucky to have all of the above.
What was the most unlikely thing to happen to you in 2011 that did?
Probably that I have found the confidence and determination to set up this blog without worrying what others may think or say.  Worrying about other people’s opinions of me and of what I do has been something I have given too much time to in the past.  I realise now that you will never be successful at anything if you let other people’s criticism or negative comments hold you back!  
Who supported you?
My parents and sister have been incredibly supportive in helping me with the kids and also giving me emotional support, too.  It makes a massive difference.
My husband has been very supportive with my blog, as have my sister and friends.  I’m sure you all don’t know what a difference it meant to me whan you either ‘followed’ me on the blog, ‘liked’ posts on Facebook or told others about my blog.  And John Rees who gave up his Sunday earlier today to spend it taking professional photos for the blog! 
It is such an important thing to have support and encouragement behind you when you are starting any kind of creative enterprise. 
Tell us one thing you learned?
I have learned loads of computer know-how through the setting up and writing of this blog.
Tell us one thing that made you laugh?
My one year old daughter the other morning giving me kisses.
My son pretending to be a robot with his wellies on his arms walking up and down the lounge.
Watching my son when he is giggling about something he finds funny makes me laugh.
Tell us three things your children did to make you proud?
My little boy’s kindness towards his little sister and to other small children.
My daughter’s utter cuteness and sweetness, she is absolutely delicious!
My little boy’s talking has snowballed this year and I am very proud of how well he is doing, generally.
Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself?
Starting this blog!  I put such a lot of work into planning it and doing my research into blogging and I was proud to set it up and it meant a lot to me.
Tell us one challenge you overcame?
Learning to cope with being a mum to two small children 22 months apart was a big challenge for me and I did struggle (especially when the youngest stopped sleeping at 5 months).  I knew it would be hard before it happened but I didn’t realize how exhausted I would be. 
Is there anything you would like to change about your life in 2012?
I would like to lose a little weight and also to take better care of myself and eat more healthily rather than relying on chocolate and cake to keep me going throughout the day.
I would love my blog to be successful, also.
So, now I must tag some fellow bloggers.  Here goes…
Here’s to an amazing 2012!

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One response to “Highs and Lows of 2011

  1. Thankyou for tagging me, mrs! I really enjoyed doing this. I love your post, and what a year you have had. Two children under three is no mean feat and you have coped heroically. Your blog is looking great, not sure how you fit it all in. Mine has been sadly neglected, until now! Thanks honey xxxx

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