Rimando’s: Fantastic Child’s Birthday Party Venue?

 (Photo courtesy of John Rees)
My little boy’s third birthday is approaching so I have been researching various soft play venues in north and north-west Bristol!  I have researched prices, what the deal includes (be it soft play, bouncy castle, etc), if food is provided and if so, what food is provided, times the venue is available, etc.
I will include these details in my next blog post: Children’s Birthday Party Soft Play Venues – Part 1.  Meanwhile, what better information about one venue than from a local mum who recently hired one for her child’s birthday party?
The mum in question is a friend of mine whom I met through ante-natal classes.  She hired Rimando’s Soft play Coffee Lounge along with another friend on Friday 6th January for a joint third birthday party for their daughters.  My son was invited to this party, which was held in the afternoon.  It was a really nice afternoon and so good to see all the kids together at three – or nearly three – years of age.  How time has flown!
After the party, I asked my friend some questions about Rimando’s and her thoughts on its suitability as a child’s birthday party venue.
1) What was the cost of Rimando’s and what was included in this price?
‘£45 for half of Rimando’s for 2 hours on a weekday, to include: 3 rooms (disco room/ adjoining room with playhouse, slide, sofa’s, coffee tables/ 3rd adjoining room with childrens tables & chairs).’

2) What do you think of the building, rooms, and the space itself as a birthday party venue?

‘Lovely venue for a birthday party, warm friendly atmosphere, colourful decor for children, birthday party banners on walls, good sized rooms, clean – only down side was the disco room was a little cold if not full with dancing children!’

3) How did you find the staff?

‘Staff are very friendly, helpful  & flexible when arranging the party. They accommodated our requests & were happy to let us decide how the party would flow (in terms of timing for food, cake, party games). The organisation of the actual party is not carried out by the staff at all once the party is in full swing – perfect if you want to do it yourself,  but not ideal if you’re looking for an organised event or ready made birthday party.’

4) Did Rimando’s provide the food? If so, what did you think?

‘Rimando’s did provide the food at a cost of £2.50 per child, to include a very healthy selection of sandwiches on white & brown bread, platters of carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bowls of crisps, fruit & biscuits. Beautifully laid out, appealing & colourful food – only complaint would be lack of chocolate or fairy cakes in the food provided – both requested by many of the party guests!’

5) Would you use this venue for a birthday party again?

‘Yes, I’d definitely use Rimando’s for a birthday party venue again.’

6) Do you think you got value for money from using this venue?

‘Yes I think the cost was very reasonable for the three rooms provided.’

7) Any other comments?

‘It was difficult to prevent the children from moving into the soft play area after the first hour of the party & as the adults had been paying for their own drinks throughout the party, they weren’t keen on also paying the £2 fee for their children to use the soft play facilities.’

‘Other than this it was an easy, happy, lovely birthday party, in a great venue with friendly accommodating staff.’

So there you have it, a local mum’s opinion of Rimando’s as a birthday party venue.  Did you find this post helpful?  Have you had first-hand experience of either hiring or attending a child’s birthday party in a venue in or near north-west Bristol?  If so, I would love to know your thoughts so please contact me by either leaving a comment below or joining this blog so I can then contact you:-)
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