Children’s Birthday Party Venues – Part 1

Hello All!

My little boy’s third birthday is approaching!  We have held previous birthday parties at home and they were a success.  However, I spent much of the time looking after other parents, making drinks and preparing food.  I even missed him opening his presents at last year’s party.  So this year we decided we would hire a venue, preferably one that provides food so we can relax and enjoy ourselves, too! 


(Photo courtesy of John Rees)

I have researched some soft play venues in order to find one fabulous enough to hire.  Because of a huge amount of information I have collected, I will do two separate posts.  Part 1 will be about venues in, or near to, north-west Bristol;  Children’s Birthday Party Venues – Part 2 will be about venues further away.  I will post ‘Part 2’ later this month.  

I hope these posts will be helpful to other parents arranging birthday parties for young children.  Let me know what you think:-)

Portico Play

Saturdays only: The hall and back room upstairs are available but not the main area downstairs.  It is available to hire for 2-hour slots for £40.
Sundays: Both the upstairs hall and back room AND the main area downstairs are available for hire for 2-hour slots for £100.
(The parents hiring the venue are permitted to come 30 minutes prior to and following the 2-hour slot to prepare the room and clean up after).
Food is provided for £2.25 per head which includes a wide choice of sandwiches, pizzas, crisps, grapes, cherry tomatoes and cartons of smoothies for each child.

Rimando’s Soft Play Coffee Lounge

A week day: The disco room, back room and seating area (with party table, playhouse and slide) only is available for hire (without soft play area) for £45.
Saturdays: The entire venue (including the softplay area) is available for private hire between 15.30-17.30, with food included for 15 children, for £110.
Sundays: the entire venue is available for private hire at any 2-hour slot throughout the day, food included, for £145.
(Please see my previous post which has a review from a local mum who hired this venue for her daughter’s birthday party last week).

Horfield Sports and Leisure Centre

Saturdays: Soft play area with bouncy castle and creche available for hire for 2-hour slots (12.30-14.30; 14.00-16.00; 15.30-17.30) for 15 children for £80.  Additional children are £5.30 per child.
(2-hour slots are broken up into 1-hour for soft play and bouncy castle and one hour for the creche area).
Food can be provided for £2.99 per child which includes sandwiches, jelly, fruit and crisps (though the staff member I spoke to recommended providing your own food!).


This is a new soft play and activity centre for children under five.  It is held at the Blake Centre, Brangwyn Grove, Lockleaze.
Saturdays only: This venue is available for hire for 2-hour slots, after 15.15, for £100.
This price includes the whole venue, including soft play room (ball pool, slide, etc), free play room (cars, toys, child’s cooking area, dressing-up costumes, etc) and cafe and kitchen area.  Food is not provided.

Well, I hope these details will be helpful to parents thinking of organising a child’s birthday party!  Part 2 of children’s birthday venues will be later this month…

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