Welcome to Bishopston Mum, the award-winning website and blog!  Bishopston Mum was created by a local mum of two children, a son aged 11 and a daughter aged 9.

This is a website and blog about living and raising children in and around Bishopston, Horfield, St Andrews and Ashley Down.

Bishopston Mum features the following:

Baby & Toddler Timetable: This page lists days, times and venues of local term-time activities for 0 – 4s.

Local Education: This page includes information about nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools in and around the local area.

Children’s Activities: A page which lists local activities for children aged 4 – 16.

What’s On: Covers family-friendly events and activities coming up in the local area.

Bishopston Mum is a popular website which won the 2014 Venus Women in Business Award for ‘Best Online Business in Bristol and Somerset’.

The Bishopston Mum Facebook page has over 2,200 Facebook likes, and, along with its sister website, Bristol Mum, has more than 14K Twitter followers.

To find out about advertising opportunities on Bishopston Mum please email bristol_mum@hotmail.com or use the contact form below.

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