Primary Schools


Below are details of primary schools in Bishopston, Horfield, St Andrew’s and Ashley Down.
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Ashley Down Primary School
Downend Road,
Horfield, BS7 9PD

Contact: 0117 3772637 /

Ofsted report: 2 ‘Good’


Brunel Field School
Arthur Milton Street,

Contact: 0117 3532471 /

Ofsted rating: 1 ‘Outstanding’


Bishop Road Primary School
Bishop Road,
Bishopston, BS7 8LS

Contact: 0117 9030483

Ofsted rating: 1 ‘Outstanding’


Charborough Road Primary School
Charborough Road,
Filton, BS34 7RA 

Contact: 01454 867220 /

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’


Cotham Gardens Primary School
18 Cotham Grove,
Cotham, BS6 6AL

Contact: 0117 3772610 /

Ofsted Rating: 2 ‘Good’


The Dolphin Primary School
25a Bath Buildings,
Cheltenham Road,

Contact: 0117 9240517 /

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’


Fairlawn School, Montpelier
Fairlawn Road,
Montpelier, BS6 5JL

Contact: 0117 9553914 /

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’


Filton Avenue Primary School
Orchard Campus site
Filton Road,

Contact: 0117 3772019

Lockleaze Road Site
Lockleaze Road,

Contact: 0117 9030302 /

Ofsted rating: 3 ‘Requires improvement’


Henleaze Infant School
Park Grove,
Henleaze, BS9 4LG

Contact: 0117 377 2442 /

Ofsted rating: 3 ‘Requires improvement’


Henleaze Junior School
Park Grove,
Henleaze, BS9 4LG

Contact: 0117 377 2444 /

Ofsted rating: 1 ‘Outstanding’


Horfield Church of England Primary School
Bishop Manor Road,
Horfield, BS10 5BD

Contact: 0117 903 0041 /

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’


Sefton park School Infants and Juniors
Ashley Down Road,
Ashley Down, BS7 9BJ

Contact: 01173 773290  / 

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’  


St Bonaventure’s Catholic Primary School
Egerton Road,
Bishopston, BS7 8HP

Contact: 0117 353 2830 /

Ofsted rating: 2 ‘Good’


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