A Brief Sojourn at Relax Coffee Lounge Cafe

I was having a lazy meander down Gloucester Road last week with my two children, with the aim of dropping into a cafe for a drink and some cake. 

I caught sight of a good friend of mine ahead and caught up with her.  She was out with her five-month old with much the same intention as me.  We decided to find a cafe together and opted for Relax Coffee Lounge, a new, independent cafe.

Relax Coffee Lounge certainly is what it says it is.  It has an aura of peace and calm (even with my two children in there!).  I like the strong, earthy colours, chocolate-browns and deep-reds, the leather chairs and sofa and the window seat. 

It certainly didn’t have the frantic, hustle and bustle feel that Lashings has at times.  The overall look is clean and stylish.

I am unable to go into a cafe without having cake of some description.  On this occasion I chose some home-made Apple Cake, topped with almonds, a winning combination.  For my drink I went for a Mango and Passion fruit Smoothie, which was sweet and refreshing.

There is a little corner for children to play in and my son played there happily for the duration of our stay.  In fact, when it was time to go, he cried and said he wanted to stay!

If you have a young baby, and fancy some peace and quiet with good coffee and a wedge of cake, Relax Coffee Lounge is absolutely ideal.  The sofa and comfy armchairs are ideal if your baby needs feeding.  My friend was able to breastfeed comfortably.  There are babyccinos and hot chocolates available for small children.  The toilet facilities are very good, clean and have a baby changing table, too.

I am glad we discovered Relax Coffee Lounge and I really hope it is successful:-)

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10 responses to “A Brief Sojourn at Relax Coffee Lounge Cafe

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. As a new business with lots of competition in Gloucester Rd, we need all the help we can get. We try and make our coffee shop welcoming for parents and kids, and so far, seem to be successful! But if there's any suggestions you can make, please let me know, either in the shop or by posting on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Relax-Coffee-Lounge/338356532875901
    Thanks again, Lesley, Relax Coffee Lounge

  2. I have popped in with my kids and we had lunch there. We all really enjoyed it and I reckon it's the best cup of coffee in Bristol. I will be going back soon.

  3. Hi Lesley,

    Glad you like the post about Relax Coffee Lounge! I have had a couple people who have told me that they will try your cafe after I first published this post, so hopefully it will help your success.

    I will check out your Facebook page. Please do 'like' my Bishopston Mum page on Facebook, too. The link to it is just above your comment:-)

  4. Congratulations to 'Bishopston Mum'! You are the winner of our August Competition and have won smoothies or milkshakes for you and a friend. Just call in. Enjoy! 🙂

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