Launch of AngelBerry Frozen Yogurt Factory’s Bubblegum Campaign!

Several exciting and lovely things have arisen from starting this blog.  One of these was an invite to a special event at the new AngelBerry Frozen Yogurt Factory, last week! 

Angelberry were launching a brand new, extra special flavour-‘Bubblegum’-as part of their Bubblegum Campaign.  The Bubblegum Campaign means that during this half-term, ALL proceeds from the bubblegum flavour frozen yogurt will go towards Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, which raises money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.  A worthy cause, indeed.

I attended this event with my little boy as I knew he would enjoy it.  Angelberry offers frozen yogurt in a wide variety of flavours, for example, Belgium Chocolate, Blueberry, Mango and Sponge cake amongst others. 

The outlet is located in Hartcliffe Imperial Retail Park and differs from other fast food outlets in that it offers sweet, delicious food which is low fat and very healthy.  It is somewhere you can take your kids to for a treat without feeling any mummy guilt!

Well, my little boy was in heaven!  There are taster pots in which you can fill with different flavours of frozen yogurt to sample before choosing the flavours you would like.  The lovely, friendly assistants were all too keen to oblige my son as he kept approaching them: ‘I want this one!  I want that one!’.  You get the picture;-)

After sampling the various flavours, we were each given large tubs which we could fill to the brim with as many flavour yogurts as we wanted and then cover with a wide variety of toppings.  The toppings choices were vast, and included healthy options such as kiwi and raisins, and slightly more naughty options of chocolate buttons, maltesers and chocolate raisins.

My little boy told me his favourite flavour frozen yogurt was ‘chocolate’.  Mine was a toss between Belgium chocolate and caramel!  The cost of the yogurt is according to weight.  There are scales provided so that you can keep track of the price and not overspend. 

I like the interiors of AngelBerry, there are tables with seats and funky, colourful and comfortable cubes to sit on.  Of course, my little boy preferred to push these around the room and climb all over them!

Because it was a special event, there were several professional photographers present, including from The Bristol Post.  I did feel for the photographers a little.  At one point they had arranged the children present around a large tub of frozen yogurt with spoons in a great pose. 

However, my son couldn’t resist going right up to the cameras to look in the lens and climbing in front of the children posing, obscuring the photographers views as he did so.  He thought it was hilarious.  I have to say, the photographers were very patient!


Although AngelBerry is a distance away from Bishopston and surrounding areas, I would definitely recommend it as a place to take your children as a treat.  I was really lucky to come across AngelBerry through my blogging.  We had a great time there and will definitely be returning soon:-)

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4 responses to “Launch of AngelBerry Frozen Yogurt Factory’s Bubblegum Campaign!

  1. And there is me living literally 5 minutes down the road not knowing anything about it. Looks like a great place 🙂

    @caro_mad x

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