Tomorrow: Spica Cast Change and a Halfway Point

Tomorrow my little girl is going into Bristol Children’s Hospital to have a new Spica Cast.  Regular readers of Bishopston Mum will know that my daughter has Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and eight weeks ago needed an operation to correct this.  Immediately following the operation, she was put in a spica cast.

Prior to her operation, my husband and I were warned about how difficult it would be to have a child in a spica cast.  But it was always the operation that worried me.  I knew once we got that over with, we would just get on and deal with the spica cast.  I was already familiar with spica casts.  Years ago, my little sister was also diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and was put in one…

With my little sister in her spica cast

My sister learnt to roll in her spica cast

I have one strong memory of being in the local Gateway with my mum (shows just how long ago it was).  My mum had put my sister in the front child seat part of a shopping trolley to do her shopping. However, on finishing her shopping, my mum realised my sister and her spica cast had became stuck and I vividly remember my mum and several members of staff trying to heave her out!  My mum obviously did manage to get her out in the end and my sister today is the most sporty member of our family.

My daughter’s spica cast is fitted from her chest to her ankles.  She is unable to sit unaided, let alone walk.  However, in the last week, she has learnt to roll over and can drag herself around on her front, just using her arms:-)

She has adapted very well and as a result, so have we.  Obviously, certain things have to be done differently and we have had to make adjustments with things such as feeding and washing her.
So, tomorrow is the big day!  Not only is it cast change day but it also marks the half-way point through our experience of our daughter being in her spica cast:-)  A Spica Cast change does involve a general anaesthetic but my daughter should be out of theatre within an hour.  I am going to request she have a pink spica cast this time 🙂
Please read my post ‘Spica Cast Change Day’.
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3 responses to “Tomorrow: Spica Cast Change and a Halfway Point

  1. Good luck tomorrow hope all goes well and that there is plenty of bone growth. I have 12 more days until Erin goes in for her next spica.

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