Free Soft Play at Rimando’s Soft Play Coffee Lounge!

One morning the other week I met up with a friend at Rimando’s Soft Play and Coffee Lounge, after dropping off my son to pre-school.  I had had one of those mornings.  Thanks to a nappy changing emergency with one child and another child helpfully taking off his trousers and socks, all at the last minute, I had ended up running down the lane to pre-school, late, stressed and dishevelled.
But when I arrived at Rimando’s, the stressful part of my day was helped by two welcome discoveries.  My first discovery was that Rimando’s is now FREE, every weekday, in term time, until 10 am 🙂  It was good to relax with a cup of hot chocolate after running around like a mad woman for a while.  There were other mums there doing the same thing, also, who had just done both school and pre-school drop-offs
If you are a regular reader of Bishopston Mum, you will know that my 17 month-old daughter recently had an operation on her hip and is now in a spica cast.  Enjoyment of soft play is limited as she is not mobile.  She is unable to even sit unaided.
At Rimando’s that morning, I decided to try her in the ball pool but she became scared.  However, I then made my second welcome discovery of the day!  I found that despite her cast, she is able to ride the rockers, which she has always enjoyed. This might seem a small thing, but I was so pleased for her.
It was so good to see her having fun, doing something active for a change.  The rocker was an ideal shape and size and she was able to fit into the seat safely and comfortably.  She played on it for ages.
Following its shaky start, our morning had improved, somewhat 🙂

Have YOU taken advantage of the free early morning entry at Rimando’s yet?

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