A Double Helping of Cake at Fresh Ground Cafe

Quietly tucked away, in an old church on Gloucester Road, is the Fresh Ground Cafe.  A simple, restful cafe, situated in Horfield Baptist Church, its doors welcome all, every weekday from 10.00 – 14.00.

If you haven’t yet tried the Fresh Ground Cafe yet, then I recommend it.  Whether you fancy a drink after Toddler Tunes, lunch before Chatterbox Playgroup, or simply popping in for a quick drink and slice of good cake, Fresh Ground Cafe offers extremely reasonably priced drinks, meals and snacks.
I visited there one morning last week with my little girl.  She usually has a nap mid-morning but on this occasion she had had a unusually long lie-in so was full of energy.  As my son was at pre-school, I thought it would be nice to do something just the two of us and treat ourselves to some cake!
There are two entrances to Fresh Ground Cafe, one on Gloucester Road and one on Brynland Avenue.  If you have a buggy or pram, however, you will need to use the Brynland Avenue entrance as the Gloucester Road entrance has steps.
Because it was such a hot day, I bought a carton of apple juice.  I chose a chocolate cupcake for me and a large slice of Lemon Drizzle cake for my daughter as thought the lemon Drizzle looked the least messy! It all came to the grand total of £2.50!  My cake was delicious but maybe because it wasn’t long since breakfast, my daughter refused hers.  In such a situation what could I do?  Well, eat her cake too, of course!  Her cake was also heavenly 🙂

Fresh Ground Cafe also offers simple, homemade lunches and snacks, for example, Ploughman’s lunch for £4.95, soup with fresh bread and butter for £3 or a bacon bap for £2.00. 
But, what’s also good about this cafe is that there is a children’s menu which offers simple lunches, for example, pasta, tomato and grated cheese for £1.  OR, there is the option of the ‘Children’s Platter’.  For £1, this provides two sandwiches with four extras, such as raisins, carrot or sausages.
There are books and toys for children.  My daughter loves books so she was happy for a while with one of the cafe’s books.  She then had a good explore of the cafe and liked rummaging through the toys on offer. 
Fresh Ground Cafe has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere and is clean and well presented.  The volunteers are friendly and helpful.  Though mums may need to watch their young children on the steps on one side of the cafe, it is an ideal cafe to bring children to.  There is a comfy brown leather which would be great for breastfeeding mums plus baby changing facilities, too.  I will definitely be returning there 🙂
Have YOU visited Fresh Ground Cafe? 
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