Competition to Win Two Free Tickets to Yeo Valley!

Following my day to remember at Yeo Valley, I am pleased to offer one reader of Bishopston Mum two free tickets to Yeo Valley!  These tickets will give you and a guest a chance to EITHER enjoy a tour of Yeo Valley Organic Garden, OR, Yeo Valley farm.  I can promise you with certainty that on either tour, you will have an amazing time!
Yeo Valley Farm tour:

The farm tour is a whole day and will be led by local expert Les Davies MBE.  You will learn about organic farming, see some of Yeo Valley’s conservation work and meet Yeo Valley’s prize winning Friesian cows!  The farm tour includes lunch and afternoon tea.  

Dates for the farm tours are:
6th July
20th July
28th September
Yeo Valley Organic Garden Tour:


On the Yeo Valley’s Organic Garden tour, you will learn top tips from the Yeo Valley’s horticultural experts,  how to make great compost and keep weeds and pests at bay organically.  What’s more, you will enjoy a Chef food demo on how to create great tasting dishes with organic produce!  You will enjoy an outstanding lunch on this tour, too.
Dates for the Organic Garden are:
10th July
24th July
4th September

18th September

As with Bishopston Mum’s last competition, tickets will be picked at completely at random.  All you have to do is ‘like’ my Bishopston Mum Facebook Page if you have not done so already, and leave a message there saying if you would prefer a tour of Yeo Valley farm or a tour of the Organic Garden and your preferred tour date (tour dates are subject to availability).  You do not to be a regular reader of Bishopston Mum: anyone can enter this competition!  The competition will close at the end of Wednesday 4th July.  

(For those people who don’t win, you can still purchase tickets from the Yeo Valley website).

Good luck!

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