A Rain Soaked St Andrew’s Park and a Tree with a Knitted Jumper

Last weekend I braved the Bristol drizzle to take my daughter for a walk in St Andrew’s Park.  It had been raining steadily all day and the park was heavy and swollen with rain.

The rain did not diminish our enjoyment of our walk, however.  We roamed the park and admired its sights.  The park was still and peaceful other than the soft patter of rain falling and the steady twist of the pushchair wheels.


Of course, any outing I make, even to the park, is never complete without cake.  Accordingly, we treated ourselves to some cakes from the little cafe in the middle of the park.

With the cakes wrapped in a paper bag all we needed was a dry bench sheltered from the rain to enjoy them with.  We walked a little way until we encountered the ideal spot, a bench beneath two towering trees holding fort.

We settled down in our little dry haven and enjoyed our cakes…

Shamelessly, halfway through eating her cake, my daughter flung her macaroon out of the pushchair, her favourite game of the moment.  Of course, she then wanted mine and happily finished it off 🙂

We then walked some more and then met a curious sight overhead…

Yes, a tree with a knitted jumper!

We circled the tree for a while, admiring the knitting and pondering its purpose.

Do YOU know the reason behind the tree with the knitted jumper?  I would love to know!

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4 responses to “A Rain Soaked St Andrew’s Park and a Tree with a Knitted Jumper

  1. Its called yarn bombing. There is no reason. It just cheers people up. Someone yarn bombed on of the WOW Gorilla's last year and gave it a bikini. My daughter calls this one a “tree cosy'

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