Step Back in Time at Ashton Court Railway

Tucked away in the green countryside that surrounds Bristol, lies Ashton Court Railway.  Set within the grounds of Ashton Court Estate, the miniature railway is a little cocoon of busyness.  There you can become immersed in the hustle and bustle of excited families, damp smell of steam and the chugging, hissing and spitting from smart little trains of blue, green and red.

We ventured there a few weeks ago, one magnificent sunny, late-Summer Sunday.  At the train station, we paid for our tickets of 70 pence per train ride or five rides for £3.  My little boy clutched his little train ticket in his hand as we joined the short queue and atmosphere of anticipation and excitement before boarding.

Once on board our train, the sun beating down on us, round and round we went.  We enjoyed the sights and breathed in the fresh, clean country air.

My little girl refused to board the train, terrified at the sight of something not yet witnessed in her young life.  No matter; my son happily used her train tickets in her place.

There are a range of magnificent trains to enjoy…


Ashton Court Railway has an old-worldly feel.  It is akin to being in a time capsule, with prints of old adverts of food adding to the feeling of being transported back in time.  What makes Ashton Court Railway extra special is that the drivers of the trains are all volunteers for the Bristol Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, rather than the railway being a purely commercial enterprise.

Ashton Court Railway offers simple, good fun for children (and grown-ups, too!).  If you fancy a trip there, please see my Events Calendar for Ashton Court Railway Public Running Days.  

I will remember our afternoon at Ashton Court Railway in years to come 🙂  

Have YOU visited Ashton Court Railway yet? Please do comment below!

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