Storytime at Henleaze Library

You may have guessed by now that I am a bit of a book worm.  I love taking trips to the library with my kids.  I love losing myself in the sea of books and muffled sound of quiet.  Books on robots, monsters, pirates, Vikings and Red Indians to tempt my boy and story books and nursery rhymes and teddy bears for my girl. 

I still have the books from my childhood, recently retrieved from my parents attic.   One of my favourite childhood books, though battered by time and love, is now enjoyed by my son. 

I consider myself lucky and am ever grateful to my parents for bringing me up around books and reading to me when I was little.  For this reason, I am intent on doing the same for my children and regularly take them to the library.

I wanted to share with you a trip to the preschool ‘Storytime’ session at Henleaze Library that I took with my daughter.  Storytime is held every Thursday in term-time, from 10.45 – 11.15.  The one I will write about was held just before the beginning of the Summer holidays, hence its ‘Seaside’ theme!  

Storytime at Henleaze Library is usually quite a small group of young children.  All gather in the Children’s section of the library, by the little bench, giant floppy cushions and collection of soft toys and well-loved teddy bears.  The lady running the session introduced the Seaside theme and read books in line with it such as ‘Splish Splash splosh’ and ‘Once Upon a Tide’.  

But Storytime does not just consist of simply books.  There are brightly coloured musical instruments and nursery rhymes, too.  The children are encouraged to take part in the session and asked for their favourite nursery rhymes.  

Thus, my daughter’s favourite ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ was sung as well as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’; Heads, Shoulders…’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.  In the picture above you can see my daughter with her chosen instrument as she waves her maracas in time with the song 🙂

The Seaside theme was followed through the second part of the session with an art craft activity.  Cut-out buckets and spades and stickers, glue, crayons, stickers and silver paper lay waiting for the children to create on little tables with little chairs.

Children are encouraged to come along to Storytime by being given a little Storytime booklet.  Each session they attend they are awarded a sticker in their booklet.  When a child has four stickers, they are awarded a certificate and a book.  I thought this was a nice touch and helps each child rightly feel a sense of achievement. 

Storytime at Henleaze Library is well thought-out and planned.  The particular theme of each session is followed throughout.  The different activities carried out, i.e. stories, singing, arts and crafts, all keep it interesting and there should be something for every child to enjoy.  What’s more, Storytime is free!  It is great to have another drop-in activity in the local area, yet one that it is centred around books 🙂  

There are also Storytime sessions held every week at Horfield and Cheltenham Road Libraries.  Or, if you have a child under one year, you may be interested in the Baby Bounce sessions at Henleaze, Horfield or Cheltenham Road Libraries, instead.  If so, please see my Baby/Toddler Timetable for details.
Have you been to Storytime at Henleaze or Cheltenham Road Library?  If so, what did you think?  Please do comment below!

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2 responses to “Storytime at Henleaze Library

  1. My boys and I used to go to Henleaze and Horfield library story time every week! we still go to Library every week, and the librarians are so friendly, and encouraging. I am so proud of my 5 year old's reading, and I know it's because of story time, and the fun we had when they were very young. We also met kids who ended up in the same class at school, so I can't rate it highly enough!!

  2. Hello, I have only just seen your comment, so sorry. I agree with you about rating this storytime session highly and think we are really lucky to have such great activities for our children free of charge. I am still working on prising my son away from the DVD stand and interested in books instead though 🙂 Thanks again for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated x

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