Movin Monkeez Classes Starting Soon!

Bristol’s Gloucester Road is a baby and toddler activity hot spot!  However, in my opinion, there has been a shortage of dance and movement activities for babies and toddlers under 2.5 years of age.  

So I was pleased to hear that Movin Monkeez classes are starting soon!  Movin Monkeez incorporate dance and fitness and cater for babies and toddlers under 2.5 as well as pre-schoolers.  My little girl loves dancing.  I was excited to hear about Movin Monkeez classes as I know they will be right up her street!

I contacted Jo Martin, the local mum who will be running Movin Monkeez classes, to find out more for readers of Bishopston Mum…

Jo Martin and her little boy.

Q: When and where will Movin Monkeez sessions be held?

A: Sessions are due to be held in Shirehampton Public Hall, Tuesdays 2:15 – 2:55 for 2 – 4’s and Portico Play, Wednesdays 9:30 – 10:10 for crawlers – 2 & 10:20 – 11:00 for 2 – 4’s.

Q: What do Movin Monkeez sessions involve?

A: Movin Monkeez introduces fitness and dance to pre-school children and compliments the Early Years Foundation Stage offering fitness, co-ordination, structure and above all, fun for your little ones. Children will learn the basics of fitness, dance, rhythm and movement in a fun and safe environment.

We focus on using props such as scarves, balls, beanbags, instruments, balancing equipment, parachutes and many more. The children explore different movement exercises to fun and stimulating music along with working in groups and pairs and most importantly are ‘on the go’ for the entire lesson.

Movin Monkeez is split into two different age groups so children are able to concentrate on exercises specific to their age group. Adults are welcome at every level and are encouraged to participate with the children, a fantastic bonding experience for both.

Q: How long is each session?

A: Each session lasts 40mins. First session is free and £4.50 thereafter, running during term time only. Discounts for siblings attending the same session.

Q: How many children in each class?

A: 15 children in each class.

Q: Please can you tell me about yourself and how you came to run Movin Monkeez classes?

A: Having danced from an early age, I went on to teach ballet, modern and tap at a school in Bristol for 10 years alongside working in the fitness industry instructing a wide variety of group exercise classes. I made the decision to stop teaching dance when my first son was born, but continued working with adults in the fitness industry. 

Having always loved teaching children over the last year it has felt like the right time to return to working with them again and I have been studying towards my Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction for Children. I came across the Movin Monkeez brand and it seemed like the ideal opportunity to take hold of and set up in Bristol. 

I had also struggled to find something to take my very energetic eldest son to in Bristol and looking back he would have loved Movin Monkeez. 

Q: How is Movin Monkeez different from other baby and toddler classes in the area?

A: For me each Movin Monkeez class is designed and prepared to bring the idea of fitness for fun to young children and their carers. With a little bit of everything included in the class we can educate about a healthy happy lifestyle and help parents achieve the government’s suggested ideal – “Play that allows under-fives to move about is critical and three hours a day is essential”.  

For the child joining in with mum, dad, granny or grandad galloping around the room with a beanbag on their head, or physically doing all the actions to The Wheels on the Bus will bring nothing but fun, laughter and the desire to carry it all on at home….maybe with some beads of happy sweat!

If you are interested in finding out more about Movin Monkeez, you can contact Jo by email or phone 07970 382990 or via Facebook: ‘Movin Monkeez North Bristol’.

Do you like the sound of Movin Monkeez?  Will you be taking your child to Movin Monkeez classes?  Please do comment below!

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5 responses to “Movin Monkeez Classes Starting Soon!

  1. I just emailed Jo to ask about classes but just got a failure notice & it bounced back to me? Could you check the email is correct? xxx


  2. Hi,

    Apologies the original email adressed supplied didn't work – i will get that sorted asap. As Hilary mentioned please try or through the facebook page 'Movin Monkeez North Bristol'.
    I look forward to hearing from you, Jo

  3. Jo used to teach me step aerobics and she is one of the most motivational teachers I've come across. I'm sure she will be the same with our children. Good luck Jo.

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