Snaptastic: Children’s Hairdressers In and Around Bishopston

I am always looking for ideas of topics to write about on Bishopston Mum.  A mum recently suggested a post about children’s hairdressers in and around Bishopston.  I thought this was a great idea.  I knew that if we had a pool of opinions, recommendations and information about local hairdressers on Bishopston Mum, it would be helpful to local parents.

However, how to gain such information proved a little difficult.  I obviously can’t take my children to all the different hairstylists in the area.  They would have no hair left, nor I, money.  I collected some opinions on
Bishopston Mum’s Facebook Page.  But not enough opinions to give well-rounded reviews on local children’s hairdressers.

So I decided that the best thing for me to do is write today’s post about
my experiences of local hairstylists.  Then, I ask you all to comment leaving your experiences and opinions of local children’s hairdressers in the Comments Box below my post.  That way we can start to gather some information for local parents about where to take their children for a haircut.

When my son was little I always trimmed his hair myself.  When he got older I started to take him to Antonio’s, a small Barbers on Gloucester Road.  One advantage of Antonio’s is that I have never had to book an appointment.  Antonio’s have always been able to cut his hair, either then and there, or after a very short wait.  This is obviously convenient as I can fit his haircut around what we are doing that day. 

But taking my son out for a professional haircut has never been straightforward until recently.  This has been due to him absolutely hating having his hair cut and protesting to the best of his efforts!  

On our first visit to Antonio’s, my son made such a fuss it was embarrassing.  Throughout most of our entire first visit, he screamed and tried to leave the building, while I meanwhile fed him chocolate buttons in an desperate attempt to distract him.  Part of me was worried that the other people there thought I was being cruel making him have his hair cut.  But, the other part of me persisted as his hair so badly needed cutting!

I was grateful to the Barber, who, after he finished told me that I had done the right thing in seeing the haircut out.  He told me that getting my son’s haircut
should be non-negotiable as it was a task that simply needed to be done. 

Antonio’s have always given a good haircut, carried out exactly what I have asked them to do and charged me just £6.50.  Afterwards, they always offer a lolly as a treat to my son for having his hair cut.


When it comes to my daughter’s hair, again, I always cut it myself.  Her hair is wavy, in fact, my husband likes to say she has hair like a mad old woman 🙂  Because of this natural wave I can trim it myself and get away with a more than imperfect job!

However, we recently visited Nuala Hair and Beauty Studio on Gloucester Road.  I felt the poor child was long overdue a professional haircut 🙂

Nuala’s Hairstylists decor is very sleek and attractive.  While we waited, I was given a posh coffee with a chocolate mint.  When Nuala was ready to cut my daughter’s hair, she asked me how I wanted my daughter’s hair styled.  I had been thinking that a bob would look smart though told her I was a bit uncertain and asked what she thought?  

Nuala explained that her hair might look better with a few layers in rather than a bob due to her natural wave.  I liked that she had an opinion and was able to give some advice on the best haircut for my daughter.

My daughter was given a special ‘jungle’ gown, covered in cheerful brightly coloured animals.  My daughter started to sob and I began to fear that we would have a similar first haircutting experience to my son’s.  However, Nuala carried on calmly, seemingly unfazed.  Nuala is a local mum and was obviously well-used to hysterical children and luckily my little girl’s hysterics soon passed and she actually quite enjoyed the experience.

On this occasion, my daughter’s haircut was complimentary.  However, Nuala told me £10 is charged for all children’s haircuts usually.

My little girl’s hair looked very smart 🙂

So, local mums, where have YOU taken your children to get their hair cut?  Were you pleased with the experience?  How much were you charged?  Did you feel the hairstylist was good in dealing with children?  Please do comment in the Comments Box below!

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12 responses to “Snaptastic: Children’s Hairdressers In and Around Bishopston

  1. I take mine to Casa Pelo on Coldharbour Road. Jess and Amy who own the salon used to work at Samuel David on Gloucester Road (which has now moved to WOT). Jess is ever so good with my daughter who gets very shy about having it done and curls up in a ball (not a convienient position to cut hair). Its £8 for a child cut there.

  2. I took my daughter to the 'green room' on Gloucester road for a first hair cut. The guy who cut her hair was great with her and sge got a lolly at the end. I think it was £9

  3. I've taken my little girl to Casa Pelo twice now and Amy and Jess have both cur her hair and have done a fantastic job. I definitely recommend them- for us adults as well!

  4. Interesting despite the large number of hairdressers in and around Bishopston that Casa Pelo has already come up twice. It must be very good! Thank you for leaving this info.

  5. I always take my children to Nuala's for their haircuts. She used to cut their hair at our house when she was a mobile hairdresser, before she opened her salon. She's great with children and I've always been very happy with the results.

  6. I took my daughter to Moda on Glos Rd last week – we both had a wash and cut at the same time. They are really nice and did a fab job – including giving Emma a lovely blow dry! They gave me tea and her squash, and the obligatory lolly at the end. Em loves the bright pink robe too! A lovely girlie trip and nice to be able to get mine done at the same time!

  7. Hi

    I took my girls to Samuel David in Westbury village-they were lovely and gave them a biscuit at the end. Plus, they have a huge fish tank which they looked at for ages once the haircuts were done!

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