Bishopston Mums Can Ukulele

Last week the calm, organised and somewhat serene atmosphere of Piglets was temporarily smashed by a group of ukulele playing mums.  These Mums, who are from Bishopston and who include two friends of mine, have been having ukulele lessons run by Josh Lee who runs Mum Can Ukulele classes, held in Stokes Croft.

My friends had been telling me about their Mum Can Ukulele classes and said how much they enjoy them.  It was good, therefore, to hear their new ukulele playing skills during the singing part of Piglets, along with their teacher, Josh.  The toddlers loved it.  It certainly broke things up a little!  

I chatted to Josh, who is a new Dad, after Piglets.  He told me he thinks more mums should learn to play ukulele.  He explained that learning ukulele is a good way to stretch your brain and his Mum Can Ukulele classes are friendly and fun.  He also explained that learning the ukulele was a great way of sharing music with your kids while impressing them at the same time 😉

Watching Bishopston mums play ukulele at Piglets was random but absolutely brilliant 🙂

If you fancy learning to play ukulele, have kids who might like to learn ukulele, or if you attend a playgroup which might benefit from Josh coming to play ukulele, please phone Josh on 07414 665 382.

Mum Can Ukulele classes are held every Thursday evening at The Treasure Charity Shop, 100 Stokes Croft.  Beginners classes are at 6 pm and intermediate classes at 7.15 pm.  Each session costs £5.

Josh is holding a FREE ukulele lesson for absolute beginners on Thursday 8th November, at 6pm.   If you go along, please let me know what you think in the Comments Box below!

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6 responses to “Bishopston Mums Can Ukulele

  1. I would first like to say what an excellent job you have done with your Bishopton mum's publication and it was great to have met you. I was so fortunate to have attended the Piglets while visiting my son Josh and his little family in Bristol, and it was lovely to have met all the lovely mums in his ukulele class on Thursday night.
    I love mums can ukulele!!

  2. Hi, was lovely to have met you, too 🙂 Thank you for the compliment about Bishopston Mum, glad you like it. Hopefully this post will get Mums Can Ukulele out there!

  3. I was gutted to have missed this, it looks like it was a lot of fun. I briefly tried to learn to Ukelele once but it wasn't for me, love listening to others who did better than me with it though.

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