Hey Diddle Diddle at Bristol Old Vic: First Experience of the World of Theatre

I recently received a very exciting invitation.  Bristol Old Vic invited myself, my husband and children to see Hey Diddle Diddle!  I accepted Bristol Old Vic’s invitation eagerly.  My children had not yet experienced the world of theatre and I was excited to for them to do so.  It would also be an opportunity to do something special as a family. 

Hey Diddle Diddle is aimed at the 3 – 6 year age range.  However, I had no doubt my daughter would enjoy it despite only just turning two.  She loves nursery rhymes, music and singing.  I was a little worried about my nearly-four year old as he is not as musically minded as his sister.  He is more robot, car and dinosaur orientated! 

Hey Diddle Diddle is about three children who are up and awake after their bedtime.  There is a magical box that, once opened, leads to a series of traditional nursery rhymes which the characters act out.


My children’s favourite nursery rhymes were performed, such as The Grand Old Duke of York, Twinkle Twinkle, Little Bo Beep and Little Miss Muffet, to name but a few.  Each nursery rhyme leads seamlessly into the next and we were helplessly swept up into the colour, sounds,  movement and magic of Hey Diddle Diddle. 


Hey Diddle Diddle is performed in the studios at Bristol Old Vic so we were on the same level as the characters.  This added to the feeling of being part of the performance and was all the more encouraging for my children to join in.  And join in they did along with all the other children in the audience!

The dance of the spider ensnaring its prey in its web of long ribbons left the audience spellbound and was stunning to watch.  Shadows were also very cleverly used in the production.  The eerie shadow of the wolf who wanted to eat Little Bo Peep’s sheep, in particular, intrigued my son, both during the show and since!

I was really impressed with the actors that play the characters in Hey Diddle Diddle.  They are not only skilled actors and singers but was clear that they were multi-talented in the performing arts, playing instruments and dancing beautifully, also.  

Hey Diddle Diddle  is pitched perfectly at 3 – 6 year olds.  I needn’t have worried about my son not enjoying the show as much as his sister.  He was absorbed in Hey Diddle from start to finish.  Just like his sister, he was thoroughly enchanted and transported to lands and times far beyond the here and now. 

But it was not only my children who were swept up by the magic of Hey Diddle Diddle. My husband and I were, too.  It was a perfect first experience of the world of theatre for my children and an enjoyable experience for us all 🙂

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2 responses to “Hey Diddle Diddle at Bristol Old Vic: First Experience of the World of Theatre

  1. We saw it last week, I was really worried (following a bad trip to the gruffallo) that my kids would hate it, but they adored Hey Diddle Diddle. I won't hesitate to buy tickets for their next children's performance.

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