A Lesson from The Language Club at Horfield Lodge

Toddlers who attend classes at The language Club in Bishopston made a special Christmas visit to the residents of Horfield Lodge last week.  There they entertained the elderly residents with a one-off Spanish lesson.

Myself and my children were invited to come along and join in.  I accepted as it was such a nice thing to do.  I was also keen for my children to take part in a language lesson and interested to see how they found it.  

Plus, I thought it would make a great blog post as know many readers of Bishopston Mum would be interested in finding out more about local language classes for their children. 

The Language Club provide French and Spanish classes for children from 2.5 – 4 years.  Classes are both play-oriented and structured.  

My children taking part in the Spanish lesson at Horfield Lodge

Today’s class had a special Christmas theme.  My children enjoyed it, in particular, my little boy was fascinated with the Spanish words and songs.  The session was interesting and grabbed the kids attention.  There was lots of movement, gestures and actions used in the many songs and much praise and encouragement from the lady leading the class.

A variety of props were enjoyed by the children, such as spiders, little Robins, soft toys, and baubles.  At the end of the class, stickers were eagerly received by all the children.

I think residents of Horfield Lodge enjoyed the burst of energy and cuteness that the toddlers brought with them.  One resident was amused by my daughter continually handing her various items such as her shoes, drink and rabbit.

It was a fun way to spend a morning and my kids enjoyed their Spanish lesson!

If you would like more details about The Language Club, please contact Katie for details about Spanish classes Tel. 07860 458 076 or Jenny for details about French classes Tel. 07912 348 923. 

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