Bristol Shop Local Campaign: Gloucester Road’s C. & T. Licata & Son

Gloucester Road is a road unlike any other.  It has more independent shops that any other road in the UK!  I love living nearby such a fascinating road which offers interesting and varied shops and businesses. 

I can happily explore Gloucester Road for hours with my kids, taking in the sights, sounds and experiences, not to mention the huge mix of people and characters who live in and around Bishopston.

In 2011,Guide 2 Bristol launched the ‘Bristol Shop Local Campaign’ with the aim of promoting Bristol’s independent shops, businesses and local traders.  The credit crunch means that it is harder than ever for these businesses to thrive.  Guide 2 Bristol wanted to encourage people to use local shops and businesses whenever possible, which they might not even have have known about previously.  With the threat of a huge new Sainsbury’s being built in Horfield, such businesses could be made even more vulnerable.

So I have decided to show my support of the Bristol Shop Local Campaign.  Alongside my regular posts on playgroups, pre-schools and activities for young children in and around Bishopston, once a month I will post about local shops and businesses that I have visited with my kids.

To start off my Bristol Shop Local theme, today’s post features C. & T. Licata & Son Ltd.  This is a Continental Delicatessen on 332 Gloucester Road, Horfield.   

On Fridays, following our visit to Little Fishes Toddler Group, I often treat my children to lunch out.  On this day, however, I decided to save money and eat at home.  But I still wanted us to have a special lunch, as it were, so decided to take them to Licata & Son.  

Unlike supermarkets, Licata & Son is full of character.  If you want to take your children somewhere to learn about new foods, take them here!  My children had great fun exploring the huge range of interesting foods imported from Italy.   

From the Deli counter, my son chose anchovies and sun dried tomatoes.  There were bags of dried fruit from from which we opted for Papaya, which my kids had never tried before, and pineapple.  I chose a large tin of stuffed vine leaves which I adore.  We also bought a box of bread sticks (cheaper than in supermarkets!), some juicy beef tomatoes and cream cheese. 

 Hungry and ready to eat!

Considering the vast and varied food we bought, which went towards further meals and snacks, the price was reasonable.  Licata & Son is a fantastic shop which hosts a variety of food for both meals and interesting and healthy snacks for yourself and your children.

Licata & Son had been on Gloucester Road for fifty years!  It is one of the many unique, independent shops which help make Gloucester Road as fantastic as it is. 

We have revisited Licata & Son since and bought a loaf of fresh, soft Olive bread, seafood mix from the Deli counter and some perfectly yellow and ready-to-eat bananas.

I would definitely recommend food from C. & T. Licata & Son over food bought from a supermarket, any day 🙂

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4 responses to “Bristol Shop Local Campaign: Gloucester Road’s C. & T. Licata & Son

  1. This takes me back! I grew up just off Gloucester Road (Falmouth Road, off Bishop Road) and miss it lots. My parents recently moved so I haven't returned in a while. Licata & Son was our delhi too and I used to love going there on a Saturday!

  2. Hilary, so good to see support like this for the small businesses. It's something that i've become more and more intested in and after reading the likes of 'How to be Free' Tom Hodgkinson am more determined than ever to put the suppermarkets on the back seat. As E.F. Schumacher puts it “small is beautiful”. Behind you all the way x

  3. Hi Molly, glad you liked the post and that it brings back happy memories! I live very near to Falmouth Road and really do love living in this area. Since the latest Sainsbury's development I am making more of an effort than ever to shop locally.

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