‘Men Behaving Dadly’: New Playgroup for Dads in Bristol!

Did you know that there is a new local playgroup for dads?  Men Behaving Dadly is a playgroup which has been set up for men, by men, held at St Bartholomew’s Church Hall, St Andrews, Bristol.   

Men behaving Dadly offers dads newspapers and bacon butties!  And, at the same time, it offers mums much needed lie-ins 🙂  It runs on the first Saturday of every month from 9 – 10.30 am.  It is £2 entry with refreshments for both dads and children included in this price.

I wanted to get a Dad’s perspective on what the playgroup is like so thought who best to ask but my own husband?  My husband has been to weekly playgroups before where it has been predominantly mums so I was interested to hear how a ‘Dad’s only’ playgroup compared… 

‘It was nice, different.  It seemed fairly relaxed, there weren’t any blow-ups, there wasn’t any real stress.  The best thing about it was that all dads could sit down and drink coffee.  Because there weren’t too many kids there it was quite nice, relaxed’.

‘I met different dads, people I wouldn’t have necessarily met before because it’s not people from around here.  There were about ten other dads, some dads with one kid, some with two.  The dads were very nice, they all live around St Andrew’s Park so they were all talking about places I didn’t necessarily know, like the Rainbow Bridge; I’d never heard of the Rainbow Bridge before’.

‘In terms of children’s activities, there were lots of cars for them to sit in, lots of Lego, play mats.  ‘Son’ seemed quite happy, I was pushing him the length of the hall in a car and he was really enjoying it.  There was plenty of room for them to run around, more than enough room for them to race the cars up and down.  In some ways, I felt quite bad because I wasn’t really paying much attention to the kids because they were quite safe’.

I must mention that my husband also reported enjoying his coffee and bacon butty!  I think a dads-only playgroup is a great idea to cater for the many dads in and around Bishopston.  I hope that Men Behaving Dadly is a real success.  

There is a Men Behaving Dadly Facebook page and you can keep up with dates of future Men Bahaving Dadly sessions by checking Bishopston Mum’s Bishopston Events Calendar

If you are a Dad who has been to a Men Behaving Dadly session, please do comment below!   

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