Discover DinoZoo 2 at Bristol Zoo Gardens!

My children and I couldn’t possibly receive an invitation more exciting than one to attend the DinoZoo 2 launch at Bristol Zoo Gardens before it officially opened to the public! 

I don’t know who was more excited to discover the new dinosaurs, myself or my children!  We loved last year’s DinoZoo at Bristol Zoo and I can safely say that this year’s dinosaurs are as satisfyingly scary!

We were greeted by a friendly DinoZoo 2 ranger, complete with a baby dinosaur which was friendly enough to be petted. 

Here are this year’s fearsome dinosaurs, starting with the Suchomimus.  I wouldn’t want to get caught in those teeth!

Here is the Stegosaurus…

The Quetzalcoatlus…

The Parasaurolophus and her nest, complete with a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg.  But watch out for those pesky Compsognathus predators approaching…

The Therizinosaurus…

The Dilophosaurus who spits at you in aggression. My new camera caught her in action…

My favourite, the Citipati, just because I love the name…

The Tyranosaurus Rex made a comeback this year and was no less a fearsome sight to behold…  

The Edmontonia…

The Carnotaurus…

DinoZoo 2 has a Fossil Dig on site for ancient dinosaurs to be unearthed…

DinoZoo 2 is fantastic and the dinosaurs as spectacular as last year!  

For more information, visit  Do comment below about what YOU think of DinoZoo 2!

Our visit to DinoZoo 2 was gifted to us in exchange for a review on Bishopston Mum, however, my views and opinions are my own and the dinosaurs really are super scary!

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2 responses to “Discover DinoZoo 2 at Bristol Zoo Gardens!

  1. They are! In fact they are so realistic I couldn't persuade my two to pose for any photos with the dinosaurs because they simply wouldn't go near enough! X

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