Ready, Steady, Bake! A Bishopston Mum Raises Money for St Peter’s Hospice

If you are a regular reader of Bishopston Mum, you will know that I am a BIG fan of cake.  So when my friend, Charlotte, invited me round her house last month for a cake sale and coffee morning, I could not refuse.  

But there was a sad reason Charlotte was hosting the cake sale.  Charlotte’s mum died from cancer a year and a half ago and, along with her two sisters, Bridget and Rachel, Charlotte was taking part in St Peter’s Hospice’s ‘Ready, Steady, Bake!’ campaign to raise money for the charity.

Charlotte and her sisters, Rachel and Bridget

As Charlotte explains:

‘We lost our mum to breast cancer just over a year and a half ago, so cancer charities are very dear to our hearts. 

Mum lived in Cumbria and had amazing support from St John’s Hospice in Lancaster.  She remained at home right to the end which was what she wanted, but that was only possible with the support of several people including the ‘Hospice At Home’ team from St John’s.  

But as well as supporting mum, they always had the time to talk to myself, my dad and my sisters’.

Charlotte, Bridget and Rachel spent many hours baking cakes for their cake sale.  In fact, some of Charlotte’s neighbours even helped out with the cake making by donating eggs from their chickens!  

Cakes included Victoria Sponge, Caramelised Apple Cake, Caramel Shortbread, Chocolate Roulade, Carrot Cake, Biscuits and cupcakes.  

Charlotte even involved the children in the coffee morning by setting up a little table complete with cake decorations so they could decorate their own cakes. 

My daughter decorating her cupcake

Charlotte’s ‘Ready, Steady, Bake!’ morning was a success and raised £121.50 and an enjoyable morning was had by all.  As Charlotte explained: ‘It was great fun to do and lovely to get to know the neighbours a bit better through it, too’.

If you would like to donate money to St Peter’s Hospice, please click here.  

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