Ecouraging Children and Young People’s Passion for Music: The Rock Project Bristol

I come across all sorts of interesting activities for children and young people to do in and around Bishopston. I have recently been on the lookout for activities for older children to write about as well as ones for pre-schoolers.  

Thus I have discovered The Rock Project Bristol, an activity especially interesting since it differs from more traditional activities for young people.
The Rock Project provide after-school music lessons for children aged 7 – 18 years of age. Children can be of any musical ability, all that is needed is an interest in music. The Rock Project operates in three different settings around Bristol: Horfield Baptist Church in Bishopston, Redmaids School and QEH School.

I visited a recent Rock Project session held in Horfield Baptist Church to see and hear kids and tutors in action.  It is exciting, edgy, different, fun and at times, deafening! Music included Green Day, Foo Fighters and Metallica.

Classes are split into two main age groups. Classes for 7 – 11 year olds at 4.15 – 6.15pm and classes for 11 – 18 year olds at 6.15 – 8.15pm.

In each class, the first hour is for group instrumental lessons in guitar, bass guitar, drums or vocals. The second hour is called ”Plug and Play” where bands are formed and students get a chance to perform together.

While watching the students perform, I was struck by how my own children are not too many years away from being able to take part in the Rock Project, too. It made me think ahead about the kind of activities they will be doing in a few years time. I like the idea of them doing something different like the Rock Project.

Watching and hearing The Rock project in action also made me think about the importance of mentors to young people.  It seemed that the Rock Project’s tutors – all professional musicians – inspired respect from the students while still being ‘cool enough’ so that young people could relate to them.  

The Rock Project also provides a safe environment for children and young people to build on their passion for music as all of its tutors are fully CRB checked.

While I may have come away from the Rock Project Bristol that evening slightly deafer than when I first went in, I came away inspired and excited to have discovered it.  The Rock Project rocks!

For more information about The Rock Project Bristol, please email

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