Bristol Shop Local: An Old Curiosity Shop aka ‘The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd’

Nestled away on Gloucester Road sits an old curiosity shop named The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd.  Full of delights, The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd offers a glimpse into days long gone.  I ventured there with my children one recent ice-cold day and together we stepped back in time.

A little dank and dusty and containing many battered and unloved objects, it is also a treasure trove for Bristol residents, waiting to be delved into.  Thus, The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd – situated at 347a Gloucester road – gives my 
Bristol Shop Local Campaign series a twist.

My children roamed the yard, delighted by hanging tables, rusty sets of keys and old cutlery.  They were fascinated by a gleaming black and gold Singer sewing machine, an ancient washing mangle, copper kettles, rickety old bicycles, disgruntled looking statues, battered old suitcases and bongos thrown into the mix.

If you are converting a property and are seeking furniture or accessories to furnish it, I advise you to take a wander down to The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd.  

And if you are not seeking finds for your home, then I advise you to take a visit there anyhow, along with your children. They will enjoy a glimpse into days past and objects featured in lives long finished.  The Reclamation Yard offers a bounty of interesting objects, just waiting to be discovered by you.

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2 responses to “Bristol Shop Local: An Old Curiosity Shop aka ‘The Reclaimers Reclamation Ltd’

  1. ooh could you give me better idea of where this is? I know glos road but not greatly- something along the lines of.. two doors down from tesco would do LOL

  2. Hi Penny, it is on the same side and very close to Somerfield (nearer the Ashley Down end of Gloucester Road). Let me know what you think!

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