Canford Park and Some Childhood Memories

We are very lucky living in and near Bishopston, Bristol, to have lots of parks to take our children to. I have written before about Horfield Common, St Andrew’s Park and the Falloden Way play park in Henleaze. However, I have not yet written about Canford Park, a beautiful Victorian park on Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym. 

Yes, Canford Park is outside of Bishopston. But it is only a short car drive away, and for parents who are not afraid of a bit of walking and have a few hours and a fine day on their side, it could be reached by foot. Just like Horfield Common, this is a park that my parents used to take me when I was little. It feels good to now take my own kids there.

If you want a park with lots of green space, Canford Park will be for you as it has oodles of this. There are plenty of fine green trees, plus, this park is very clean and well kept. It is great for kids to run freely in.

Off she goes…

Loving the freedom…

There is also a fantastic play park at Canford (which is also gated and contained: a very important factor for me with my two wayward children). The play park is quite different from when I remember enjoying it and has since been updated and improved. 

My son loved the helicopter and proudly demonstrated his climbing…

My little girl loved the slide which lands in a huge sand pit…

There are swings for the little ones…

…and a bucket swing for the bigger, more adventurous kids.

The entrances around the park are wide enough for double buggies and even if your children are not at a stage of being mobile, it would make a wonderful park for you to roam on a beautiful, Summer’s day (here’s hoping we will have lots of these this Summer).

But there is not just a play park within Canford Park, however. Canford also boasts a large pond and this is what I remember loving when I was little, circling it and spotting fish lurking within it’s waters.  

I have to say, though, that the pond is not as well-kept as I remember; I recall Lilly pads and cleaner, better stocked waters. And I seem to remember there was more than one pond? But, I may be wrong, sitting here typing this, wearing rose-tinted glasses and a brain not so well oiled these days following two kids and four and a half years of sub-standard sleep.

Still, a pond like Canford Park’s is a rare feature and thus proved fascinating for my kids. 

It is funny how children always find their own amusement from being in green space. My son spent ages walking along the low walls in Canford Park, practising his balancing and his jumping.

The old water fountain also kept them amused for a while…

We stopped at Canford Park’s little round cafe to treat ourselves to some refreshing ice lollies. 

Canford Park is open every day of the year and is free. I recommend you take a wander there one day soon 🙂

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2 responses to “Canford Park and Some Childhood Memories

  1. Love Canford Park. The perfect place to learn to ride a bike. My older two found success there and number 3 is almost there.

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