Pre-School Days: The End of a Chapter

Nearly two years ago my little boy started pre-school. From that moment onwards, a whole new chapter began.

I confess I had been looking forward to that time. Having two children, born 22 months apart is tiring. But my younger child continually woke up, four times every night, from when she was five months until she was ten months old, so things became particularly difficult.

I was desperate for a break and a let-up to my day. So when my son began pre-school I was more than ready. He was ready for it, too.

I will always remember the first time I dropped him off on his first day of pre-school. I said goodbye to him and gave him a kiss but he barely noticed. He was off, happy and ready for his first day of his pre-school days to begin.

When I reached home ten minutes later, my daughter lay sleeping peacefully in her push chair. As I entered the house, absolute silence greeted me. I made myself a cup of coffee and just sat in the lounge, drinking my coffee and enjoying the peace and quiet. It had been such a long time since I had had an uninterrupted moment to myself and it was heavenly 🙂

From that moment onwards, the chaos and the exhaustion eased and life started to get easier. In fact, two months later, I began this blog!

My son’s pre-school days have been precious. We have been really lucky to find a wonderful pre-school and my little boy has been very happy there.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Pre-School

All the parents have to help at pre-school twice a term. Last time I helped, my son was excited that I was there. He kept proudly announcing to the staff that I was his mummy.

He made sure I had a chair at snack time and enjoyed showing me all the toys and made sure I joined in all the activities. It made me feel a little sad that it would be the last time I would be there with him before he left.

I will also miss our little daily walk to his pre-school…

Until recently, I haven’t been looking forward to him starting primary school. I saw it as the beginning of him growing away from me and my losing him. I couldn’t understand how unfazed my friends were when their children started school.

I remember talking with a friend last year following her daughter starting school. I asked her how she felt about her daughter starting school and she explained that she was fine about it as her daughter was ready for school. My friend advised me that I was not ready for my son to go to school because he wasn’t ready, but that when he was ready for school, I would be ready, too.

My wise friend was right. Over the last few months my boy is becoming ready for big school. He gets bored at home and I can’t do enough to entertain him. He keeps climbing everything. I leave the room for a minute and return to find him on the window sill. I have noticed other changes in him recently, too. He has suddenly become interested in letters and writing. He has also discovered a ‘creative’ side to himself…

So because he is ready for school, I am just about ready too.

I do look forward to having more space and time for myself. Writing Bishopston Mum takes up much of my time and at the moment I am fitting it into nap times, evenings and weekends. It will be good to have more structured time and space to work.

But I still feel a little sad that my boy’s pre-school days will soon be over. As the end of the Summer term at my son’s pre-school draws close, a big chapter of my son’s and my life is ending. It will be bittersweet I am sure.

But this is a time of new beginnings, too. In September, a new chapter will begin as my son starts primary school! A new chapter will also begin in my little girl’s life as she starts at the same wonderful pre-school that my son has enjoyed so much. I am sure she will enjoy her own pre-school days as much as her big brother 🙂

And, so as one chapter in our lives comes to an end, a brand new chapter begins.

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