Rebalance Resource: Finding Flexible & Part-Time Work Opportunities

I think that today’s post on Bishopston Mum will be of interest to many local parents.

Three local mums have recently set up a recruitment business named Rebalance Resource, aimed specifically at finding part-time and flexible work opportunities for professionals who wish to utilise their skills but who are not looking for full-time employment.

Here I interview the mums behind Rebalance Resource to find out more about the business, as well as the mums’ personal experiences of raising children in the local area.

Hi! Tell me a bit about yourselves and what you do.

Hi! We are Caroline, Gill and Sue and we met 14 years ago when we worked together  and became firm friends. We are now all mums, and have children ranging in age from 3 to 9 years old.

Gill still works part time as an HR Consultant, while Sue and Caroline are currently full time mums. We live across Bristol in Bishopston, Redland and Long Ashton.

It was while meeting up and juggling work and child-led commitments that Rebalance Resource was conceived!

What have been your personal experiences of being a mum in Bristol?

Gill – I was really lucky to make some good friends from my antenatal group and we still meet regularly 3 years on. There is so much to do for children in Bristol it’s sometimes hard to decide which to sign up to, but that’s not something to complain about!

Caroline – I’ve loved it! Like Gill, I had a lovely antenatal group which was the best start I could  have wished for.  I’ve actually lived in Bristol since I was 5 years old, so I now also love taking my children to places that I remember myself!

Sue – A good support network makes all the difference.  Being a local girl, I’m lucky to have family close by but equally I’ve had huge support from my antenatal group and now through parents at my children’s school.

Can you personally recommend any particular activities for children in Bristol?

Gill – For toddlers / preschoolers, Portico Play and Rimandos are great local venues. We also love @Bristol and Slimbridge.

Caroline – I love the number of woods and green spaces Bristol has to offer – Abbot’s Pool and Leigh Woods are great favourites for us!

Sue – Jack in A Box in Henleaze has been a firm favourite for my children from when they were toddlers until they started school.  Also Bristol Zoo, Blaise Castle and Canford Park.

How do you juggle having a successful business with being a mum?

One of our key principles is to practise what we preach,  and work in a way that we can balance work life with family commitments. We often meet in the evening when the kids are in bed, and also make the best use of technology to ensure the way we work is efficient e.g. webex and Skype! Having 3 of us in the business means that there’s always one of us available!

Tell me about your business.

Rebalance Resource is a newly established recruitment business aimed specifically at finding part time jobs for professionals. We will work with companies to find or redefine roles that can be managed more flexibly and then match those roles with suitably skilled candidates from our database who, for whatever reason,  are not looking for full time employment, but who still want to utilise their professional skills.


While the need for full time permanent work will always be a given, at Rebalance Resource we are passionate about the complementary benefits of flexible working, both commercially for the employer and from a practical/balance perspective for the employee, and so we are keen to find the right solution for both parties – whether that’s 3 days a week, 5 short days or a mixture of home and office based working for example.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We have all been back to work since having children and totally understand how difficult it can be to get the balance between work and home commitments. You end up feeling like you’re not doing a good job at work and like a bad parent at home because you’re always rushing breakfast, telling the kids to hurry up, or are grumpy because you’re tired.

Equally we know of individuals who have spent their entire working life in full time roles, and are keen to continue working  and using their skills, but  in a more flexible way . These are just two of the  many reasons why people might want a part time work solution!

That‘s why we wanted to do something different and to work with companies to identify and define roles that can be done  part-time, or more flexibly –  and most importantly, to have that conversation from the outset.

What were the first steps in setting up Rebalance Resource?

A lot of research! We’ve spent the past year talking to people – both potential employers and those seeking work – to sense check the idea. We’ve drafted formal terms of business, created a business identity, and spent time together walking through the mechanics of our business to make sure we have a clear idea of what we offer.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are currently gathering CVs to build up our bank of talent for prospective employers. If you are interested in finding a flexible or part time role, or know someone who is,  we’d love to hear from you. Equally, if you are reading this, thinking you could employ someone in a flexible capacity, we could help you find that right person!

*   *   *

You can contact Caroline, Gill and Sue by phone: 07970 763133 (Caroline) / 07976 575808 (Sue) or by email:



*Disclosure: This was a paid post.

2 responses to “Rebalance Resource: Finding Flexible & Part-Time Work Opportunities

  1. Fantastic business concept – this has a lot of scope to benefit both employees and employers. Flexible working is definitely the way forward for busy parents!

  2. Excellent idea – will share this. I'm lucky – I work for the Environment Agency and our women's network has done wonders for flexible/part time working. One of the most powerful thongs we've found is story sharing; from people who work part time at all levels o our organisation and the people who manage them. Helps to make it seem achievable.

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