Design & Make: Art Workshops for Children and Adults in Bishopston

Design & Make art workshops are coming to Bishopston! Local mum and Artist, Emma Holden, who is also a trained teacher, will be sharing her expertise and love of art in a series of workshops for children aged 8-12 which will be held at Playfull Toy Shop on Gloucester Road, Bishopston. She will be offering adult art workshops, also.

Children’s Design & Make workshops:

Emma explains the aims of the children’s Make & Design art classes:

“Art is fun! Children’s drawings are fascinating and a joy to look at. However, as children get older their creativity is often stifled because they are striving to produce something that must look a certain way. Children’s art work should be celebrated and nurtured in order to help them to develop their individual skills.”

‘Design & Make is a series of art work shops I have devised so that children can transform their unique drawing ideas into fabulous outcomes without losing their own creative integrity along the way.”

“Each workshop is designed to encourage children’s confidence in their own creativity as well as teaching them a number of techniques and skills. they will be shown how to use specialist tools such as lino cutters and silk screens safely and effectively.”

“They can apply these techniques using their own drawings as a starting point to produce a completed piece of artwork by the end of each session. This can be proudly displayed at home or given to a loved one as a gift.”

“As well as developing their creative skills, children will have the opportunity to socialise and meet new friends through the workshops. All relevant materials will be supplied and refreshments will be provided.”

Dates and times of the children’s Design & Make workshops:

Saturday 12th October – Felt Making
Saturday 19th October – Block printing
Saturday 26th October – Lino cutting / printing
Saturday 9th November – Screen printing

Each session will be at 2.15 – 4.30pm and will cost £15 per session or £48 for all four sessions.

There will also be Design & Make workshops for children in half term:

Monday 28th October – Part 1:

First of a 2-part Autumn workshop to give children the opportunity to do some Pillow Pal collage.

  • 1.30 – 3.30pm 

Tuesday 29th October – Part 2:

Second of a 2-part Autumn workshop which gives children the opportunity to do some Pillow Pal transfer and sewing.

  • 1.30 – 4pm

It will cost £24 for both workshops.

Adults Design & Make Art workshops

As well as art workshops for children, Emma will also be offering Design & Make workshops for adults. Emma told me that the idea behind the adult art workshops came from her experience as an artist and mum:

For the first three years of being a mum, I felt as if I had left my artistic career behind. There was never any time in the day or any energy left at the end of the day to be creative, and yet I always seemed to have time for coffee and cake with my mum friends! It seems to me that mums put so much time into nurturing their little ones, they rarely have time to treat themselves by doing something a little different.”

Design and Make adult art workshops are two hours long and can be given in lino printing, rubber stamp making, block printing, screen printing, needle felting, wet felting and stencilling and pin drawing. Workshops are £15 each per workshop and can be hosted in people’s own homes from Monday to Friday, in the day or evening, with or without children:

“Essentially, I see these workshops as an opportunity for adults to shake off their creative cobwebs and learn a new skill during the day, whilst spending time with friends (babies are welcome at no extra cost!). Of course, if you prefer to be ‘sans enfant’ you can book an evening session. Beware lino cutters and wine can be a lethal mix! And oh yes, men are welcome, too!”

“If you fancy flexing your creative muscles, why not host a workshop in your home with a group of 5-8 friends. All relevant materials will be provided and the host gets a 50% discount on all sessions.”

For more information about either the children’s or the adult Design & Make workshops, please contact Emma:

Tel. 0117 3309987 / 07881 596 476 or by email:

You can also follow Design & Make on Facebook.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. 

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