Interview with the Bishopston Mum behind Kate Kirkby Photography

Bishopston Mum regularly features articles with mums from in and around Bishopston who run their own business. These are always popular articles which I think is because such articles are both an interesting and inspiring read for fellow Bishopston Mums. 

Today’s post is about Kate Kirkby, local mum and photographer who runs the successful business Kate Kirkby Photography. Here she talks about her photography business as well as her experiences of being a local mum. I hope you enjoy this article!

Hi Kate! Tell me about yourself and about your photography.

Hello! My name is Kate Kirkby and I live in Ashley Down with my husband and our two young sons. I run my own family portrait business, Kate Kirkby Photography.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I was given my first camera at the age of seven and one of my earliest memories is looking at my Grandad’s camera collection and being fascinated by all the twiddly little knobs and buttons. I also followed in my Grandad’s footsteps by studying engineering at university but after having my first son the thought of going back to an office job did not appeal, and photography beckoned.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had always been slightly nervous about making my passion my job. I didn’t want photography to become just ‘work’ but having my first son put a new perspective on things. I wanted a flexible part-time job that would allow me to spend as much time as possible with my children. As a new Mum I couldn’t prioritise picking up my camera for my own enjoyment, so making a career of photography has given me the perfect excuse to do what I love.

What are the best parts of your job?

I get a real buzz when I know I’ve captured the perfect shot, that fleeting smile or knowing smirk that every parent wishes you could keep in a bottle for a rainy day. We are all so familiar with every little expression our little ones make but it can be tricky to capture this on camera so there is nothing better than when a client tells me that I have really caught their child’s personality.

And the worst?

Having too many good shots! This probably sounds ridiculous but I find it really hard to leave a good shot out of the final edit. I aim to give my clients between 12 and 15 images with my basic package but I have been known to go slightly over!

What are your hopes and aims with Kate Kirkby Photography?

I want to make professional, studio quality portrait photography affordable for everyone. With clever use of natural light from windows and pop-up backdrops it is possible to achieve extremely high quality images with no need for a fancy studio. 

I have spoken to many friends and clients who have had professional photos taken but then had the difficult task of choosing a single image or having to pay an astronomical amount for the whole album. In my basic package you receive at least 12 high resolution digital images which you can print, copy and share as much as you want. Your children belong to you so your images belong to you!

What have been your personal experiences of being a mum in Bishopston?

Fantastic. I rarely need to leave the area as we have everything on our doorstep. Great shops on Gloucester Road, no less than three play cafés within walking distance and of course the wonderful St Andrew’s Park.

Can you personally recommend any particular activities for children in Bishopston?

I have been to a lot of playgroups and I would say that Chatterbox is one of the best. They have a huge selection of toys and activities. My eldest son (4 ½) had started to find some groups a little ‘babyish’ but there is plenty to keep him entertained at Chatterbox. I have made some good friends there too.

How do you juggle having a successful business with being a mum?

It is difficult but I am slowly getting the hang of it. I only have two mornings a week when my youngest is at nursery so when I have work to be done, I have to be strict with myself and ignore huge piles of washing up! I also do a lot of my editing work in the evenings once the boys have gone to bed.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you have ever considered having photographs taken of your family or children but have been put off by the hassle or cost then I urge you to get in touch.

Basic family/children’s portrait package: Special offer – £65 if booked before December 12th2013 (normal price £85) – includes a home photo shoot, 12-15 images in colour and B&W, plus online gallery with ability to share, download digital files for free, or order prints (from £1)

Mention “Bishopston Mum” when making your booking to get a free £5 print voucher.

I am also an experienced event photographer and enjoy photographing kids parties or family events so please feel free to give me a ring if you have any questions or would like more information.

So Bishopston Mum readers, please contact Kate if you would like to take advantage of her special Bishopston Mum offer of receiving a free print voucher and would like some fantastic photos taken of your children and family!

Please Contact Kate on 07838 215362, visit the Kate Kirkby Photography website and ‘like’ the Kate Kirkby Photography Facebook page!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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