A Sneak Peek of the New Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road!

I thought Bishopston Mum readers would like a sneak peek of the new Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road before it opens on Monday! I went along to the launch party on Friday evening and had a good old explore.

Here are some photos…

Little booths are created using original doors from the Reclamation Yard on Gloucester Road, some of the tables are from an old secondary school and the ceiling in the main bar area is part of the original ceiling from when the space was used as a social club. Put together, these features create a very rustic feel and look good.

I also liked how the skittle alley has been used for seating.

There is enough seating for around a hundred guests. Children will love it for its vast amount of space; it is huge! 
The blue floor in the photo below will be a play area with Snakes and Ladders and toys.

I had a look at the children’s menu and there are reasonable and simple dishes for breakfast, lunch and tea. Some examples: Scrambled Egg and Soldiers (£1.95), Porridge and Honey (£1.50), a “Hidden Veg” Chicken Curry (£4.50), ham/cheese sandwiches (£1.95), Kids Burger and Chips (£3.95) and Bananas and Custard (£1.95). 
It would be great to hear what you think about the new Boston Tea Party when it opens on Monday. Please do comment below!

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