St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-School, Bishopston: One Mum’s Perspective


Today’s post on Bishopston Mum is about St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-School on Egerton Road, Bishopston. St Bonaventure’s is an “Outstanding” Ofsted rated pre-school for children aged 3 – 4 and is open Monday to Fridays 8.15am – 5.30pm. 

But what better way to find out about pre-school than from a local parent? Here, one Bishopston Mum reviews St Bonaventure’s Pre-School and offers her perspective.

What made you decide on St Bonaventure’s Pre-school for your child?

I was keen for my boys to attend St Bon’s Primary and thought it would be an easier transition for them into school as the pre-school shares the same building as the primary reception classes. It is also my closest pre-school.

How long did it take for your child to settle in? 
He settled in very well at the beginning of the year but had a change of heart around Feb/Mar for a few weeks.

How did St Bonaventure’s manage the settling in process?
They were kind but firm, they always took him to the window to wave good bye to me. Let’s face it, it’s horrible walking away from an upset child… but they told me he didn’t take long to settle and he was always happy when I picked him up.

What did you like best about St Bonaventure’s pre-school?
The headmistress, Louise, has a fantastic way with the children. She manages to be kind and affectionate as well as commanding absolute respect. When she speaks, the room goes quiet – amazing! Both the indoor and outdoor environments are really lovely too – purpose built, fun places to be.

What did you like least about St Bonaventure’s?
There was one parents’ evening in November, it might have been nice to have another, or just make it later in the year. However, it’s always possible to speak with a member of staff at the end of the day.

What kind of activities do St Bonaventure’s offer?
Forest schools in Leigh woods (with hot chocolate!), tennis lessons (never quite know what that involved though!), yoga (although it was on a day of the week that my son didn’t go, so can’t comment on this), dance and of course lots of craft and play.

What does a typical day involve?
I can’t be absolutely sure as my son doesn’t tell me very much! Registration/circle time; play/activity; milk and fruit; play/activity; lunch (not provided); play/activity; drink; play/activity and a bit of TV while waiting for parents to pick up… pretty standard really!

What do you think of the staff?
I like the fact that most of the staff have been there quite a long time – I think that says a lot about the place. They are all friendly and seem genuinely interested in the children.

Do you feel your child benefited from his time at St Bonaventure’s pre-school?
He attended just 4 sessions per week which was just the right amount of time for him to get used to the idea of being away from home and me. It was a very easy transition into St Bon’s Primary. He made some good friends, learnt a bit about the social aspects of being in a big group of children, and had a lot of fun – that is enough for me.
*    *    *

If you would like to find out more about St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-School, there are Welcome Mornings for prospective parents every Thursday from 9.30am – 12.30pm. Please phone 0117 353 2887 to book your place.

Or, to find out more about St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-School, you can email: or 

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