Mum Timetable: New Page on Bishopston Mum!


Today I wanted to introduce a brand new page on Bishopston Mum: The Mum Timetable! The Mum Timetable is a page specifically for mums who live in and around Bishopston.

As you will know there is the Baby & Toddler Timetable on Bishopston Mum, a page which details regular classes and activities for babies and toddlers in and around Bishopston. But I also wanted to have a page on Bishopston Mum which was specifically for mums (though dads might find it useful, too).

The Mum Timetable will feature regular activities and classes which includes exercise classes, choirs, the local WI, community groups, local clubs and societies, as well as activities which support local mums.

I hope that you find the Mum Timetable useful!

Please do contact me on if you would like to add a local class or activity to the Mum Timetable.

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