Unique Voice: New Drama Classes for Children in Bishopston

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Today on Bishopston Mum, I am delighted to let local mums and dads learn all about some new weekly drama classes for children which are soon to be launched in Bishopston.

Unique Voice is a small creative and educational performing arts company. They will be launching their new Performing Arts Factory classes for children aged 6 – 16 on Saturday 26th April at 10am – 1pm at St Michael’s Church on Gloucester Road, Bishopston.

Here, Unique Voice talk about their drama classes, the activities that children can enjoy at Unique Voice, the Unique Voice teachers, how drama can benefit children and about their children’s party entertainment package at Rimando’s.

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Please tell me a bit about Unique Voice.

Unique Voice is a creative and educational company which uses drama and other creative mediums to engage and help young people understand and deal with the range of complex social issues that they face on a daily basis.

We are a small company brought together through our enthusiasm for the performing arts and the ways in which they can improve young people’s outlook and decisions, resulting in stronger citizens and happier communities. We are delighted to have Sir Patrick Stewart as our patron, whom like us believes in the power of drama;

‘…I became a patron because I strongly believe in the work Unique Voice does for and with young people. I grew up in a household where respect for others was not always a high priority. For me there was no valuable role model or example setter. Also Unique Voice is a theatre company and I have been an actor for more than 50 years. I’m very impressed with the way they work; their dedication, their good humour and their powerful communication skills. The themes and actions in their work help young people to understand and deal with complex pressures of relationships and of friendships. When young people do not have a sympathetic and experienced person to share their feelings and needs, then with loneliness and peer pressure, it can lead to bad choices. Unique Voice provides a living, vivid platform for drama, discussion and learning.”

Many young people across Bristol may have taken part in our workshops or witness a Unique Voice performance at their school as we have visited over 15,000 young people across Bristol. More recently we completed and E-Safety to tour in North Bristol Schools which included Ashely Down, Sefton Park, Bishop Road, St Barnabas, St Werburghs and May Park Primary School.  

After focusing our work in school and education, now by popular demand, we are expanding our programme to include out of school activities. These activities fall under the banner of the Unique Voice Academy and consist of the Performing Arts Factory (weekly drama classes and holiday activities

– http://www.uniquevoice.org/performingartsfactory/) and The Party Factory (Children’s Party Entertainment – http://www.uniquevoice.org/thehu/childrens-themed-party-entertainment/).

We have recently collaborated with Rimando’s Soft Play to offer an amazing Party Entertainment Package at their fantastic soft play venue. Details of which can be found at http://www.rimandos.co.uk/parties-hire/themed-entertainer-party/.

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How did Unique Voice start?

The idea of Unique Voice was sparked in 2009 by the three current company directors, who met when studying Performing Arts at Bath Spa University, with a passion for the Performing Arts and the importance we believe it has in developing Young Peoples self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills.  Giving young people the vitals skills to communicate affectively and develop great team work skills.

When and where do you run your classes?

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first Performing Arts Factory here in the heart of Gloucester Road! From the 26th April 2014, we will be meeting every Saturday morning for 3 hours, 10am – 1pm, at St Michael’s Church.

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What age range are Unique Voice classes for?

Our Performing Arts Factory sessions are for young people aged 6 – 16. We do have plans to expand this range for younger and older siblings.

Parents and Carers can also enjoy special offers on food and drink at Cafe Ronak on Gloucester Road while the sessions are taking place.

What activities does a typical class offer?

The Performing Arts Factory is all about learning new and exciting performance and art skills from industry professionals, making new friends in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment, and performing in shows each term that the young people create themselves from scratch!

Here at the Academy, we believe the best ideas come from young people, so our sessions are all about inspiring the creative sparks of tomorrow and working together to create something a little bit different. This term, we’ll be exploring drama, movement, junk percussion, design, puppetry and physical theatre, and we’ll be fusing it all together to create a show all about the vibrant Gloucester Road!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience or ability and everyone has an important part to play. So whether it’s performing, directing, designing or backstage, there is something fun for everyone!

Please tell me a bit about Unique Voice teachers.

The Unique Voice team is made up of 15 highly experienced, freelance workshop leaders and practitioners. We pride ourselves in our dynamic, creative and passionate team, who’s skills stretch along the whole Performing Arts Spectrum.

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What are the advantages of drama for children?

Many have written about the benefits that drama can have on young people’s social development. Here at Unique Voice we have seen first hand how drama has impacted children in the following ways;

Improved Self-Confidence.
Improved Self-Esteem.
Improved Social Skills and Communication Skills including Public Speaking.
Improve aspirations thorough new-found confidence in their ability.

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If you would like to book your child on the Unique Voice Performing Arts Classes in Bishopston, click here to complete a registration form. If you would like to learn more about Unique Voice, please visit the Unique Voice website. Unique Voice also have a Facebook page and are on Twitter too.

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